Monday, June 17, 2013

Selling our home

Instead of meaningless apologies and promises to blog more, I'm just going to jump into a new blog post.  Yay!

A short update: Baby Boy's sleep still sucks, Baby Girl is almost four and is acting more like fourteen, I haven't lost any baby weight since just a month or two after Baby Boy was born, we're still pondering whether we're going to have a third baby, and we're working on getting our current house on the market.

Ever since we had Baby Girl, our plan had been to move out of our current home by the time she starts school (which happens in 2014!).  We don't have a problem with the elementary school that she would attend, but the middle and high schools aren't what we're looking for and I hate the idea of having to make her move schools after she's already made friends.  This past year we've been planning on getting the house on the market, but having a baby sort of put a damper on those plans.  Now that we're finally emerging from the Baby Fog and the housing market seems to be looking up, we're going full throttle on getting our house on the market.  Each free weekend and some weeknights we've been making progress.

We've done the following:

  • Organized baby clothes
  • Moved tubs of things for long-term storage to our garage
  • Purged stuffed animals
  • Gathered mounds of things for a garage sale
  • Organized both of the kids' rooms
  • Organized our bedroom
  • Cleaned out and organized the office nook in the basement
  • Purged some toys and also packed some away for storage
  • Completely removed the three large sets of shelves from the basement that contained my surplus (from couponing) and craft projects
  • Cleaned out the closet at the bottom of the basement steps to pack away small kitchen appliances to make room for a partial pantry
  • Organized the cabinets in the master bathroom

What we still need to do:
  • Clean the master bathroom
  • Remove the border in the master bathroom
  • Hang a new light fixture in master bathroom
  • Paint the master bathroom
  • Re-caulk the master shower and kids' bathtub
  • Clear off the kitchen counters
  • Clear off other surfaces (top of fridge, top of TV armoire)
  • Paint Baby Boy's ceiling
  • Possibly remove furniture from both of the kids' bedrooms
  • Re-hang the sliding closet doors in Baby Boy's room
  • Remove the hope chest from master bedroom
  • Patch holes in the basement ceiling from the removal of fluorescent light fixtures
  • Get a storage unit and move things there
  • Have our garage sale
That second list still looks long, but it's definitely getting shorter and it's mostly bigger projects--not full days of organizing and purging any more.  I'm feeling very positive about our progress and can't wait to get it all finished.  I feel like we have a lot of momentum right now and I hope we can keep it up over the next month or so, as we're going to try to get it on the market by August 1st.  We're hoping to have a garage sale the weekend of July 13th or 20th to get rid of some stuff--I hope it's successful!