Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I blinked

Apparently I blinked and missed the day when my baby suddenly became a big boy. What the heck happened? It's left me feeling a little dizzy!

Around the beginning of January, Baby Boy started showing interest in the potty. We got out the training potty and let him try it out. What do you know? He peed! He's been using the potty 75% of the time since then. He consistently stays dry at the sitter besides nap time and generally uses the potty at home as well. He definitely fights it more at home and doesn't tell us when he needs to use the potty as much as he does at the sitter. If he keeps going consistently, though, we're going to try him out in big boy underwear very soon. When he got some for Christmas from my mom, I thought it was funny, but apparently we're going it actually put them to use!

After a week or two of pottying, Baby Boy suddenly went from waking anywhere between one and four times per night to sleeping through the night. His first night sleeping through the night was Monday, January 27th, at just shy of 21 months.  He's slept all night 7 of the last 9 nights and each time he's woken he hasn't needed to be nursed back to sleep! It's a huge change for us. I do wish that I could say we feel amazingly rested,but we're still catching up, I think.

Add these changes to watching him learn letters, counting, and hearing him talk more and I can confirm that he is quickly becoming a big boy. While I know my job as a parent is to help him grow and learn, I'm feeling very melancholy, especially since I think we might be done having babies. I can't believe I might be done nursing forever soon and I won't have too many more middle-of-the-night snuggles. I'm definitely experiencing mixed emotions about it all. But even if I wanted to, I can't stop it from happening!