Friday, August 3, 2012

I am the girl with the lame ringtone

Stepping away from mommy blogging for a moment (GASP!), I want to talk about technology and its role in my life.

You see, I WORK in technology.  I train people to use computers.  I create technological solutions for work problems.  I help develop computer systems.

But in my real life, technology just isn't all that important to me.  Do I love to have new toys?  Of course.  But it isn't a priority for me financially.  We have an iPad that we received as a gift.  We also have a nice TV that we received as a gift as well (from the same loving in-laws--I love their decision to just do one big gift for Christmas!).  Our laptop, however, is on its last legs and badly needs either overhauled or replaced, but we haven't made it a priority to do so yet.

This brings me to our cell phones.  My husband has an iPhone and I LUV it.  But he wouldn't have it if 1) he hadn't gotten birthday money from his parents to pay for about half of it and 2) work wasn't paying for the service.  It's actually a nice thing--instead of having to carry both a work-owned cell phone and a personal phone, he can have work pay entirely for the data and voice packages for his cell phone and just take work calls there (unless, of course, I hide his phone...not that I would ever do that).  So this means that when we're out and about together we do have access to the internet, maps, and email.  I can't find a way to justify spending the money on a fancy phone and data package for myself to be able to use when I'm not with him.

I have a green phone that was an upgrade from my last phone because it has an optional QWERTY keyboard.  Fancy, huh?  I pay $5 each month for 200 texts.  I pay extra if I receive any picture or video messages.  I pay if I access the internet.  My ringtones are the dorky ones that came with the phone. And I'm saving money and not terribly inconvenienced, so I don't really care.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to hoist this boombox onto my shoulder and take a walk. Why spend the money on a fancy new MP3 player when this 8-track player works just fine?


Cassie said...

Your last two sentences made me laugh out loud. I just love you.

I never would have gotten an iPhone if Joe didn't surprise me with one as a gift. And now I can't imagine going back. I love having it for Instagram alone. Sometimes it is hard to put it down in the evenings, though...something I definitely need to get better at doing. I'm a work in progress. ;)

And it's okay if you hate me a little for Will's sleeping. I can totally understand why! I'm still in awe of how much he sleeps, especially since he spent AT LEAST the first nine months of his life doing the exact opposite of that! :)

Sarah Dee said...

I am in the same boat. Except no smart phone for the dh. But, we get pic messages included in our $5/ month. I sure hope its not the same as walking around with a boom box!

Manday said...

you know you can get a cool ringtone for free.... just sayin.

In terms of smart phone, I am in the same boat. In cbus we justified DH having one for work and he still has it, but mine is a dumb phone. LOL