Thursday, December 13, 2012

7 months development, cont.

So I was hanging out with my boy and realizing that there were things I'd wanted to mention that I didn't.

Right around 7 months we switched to 6-9 month size clothing and you know what? It fit really well. The 3-6 wasn't ridiculously small, but I had so much 6-9 month stuff with long sleeves that the change in seasons necessitated the shift. I'm trying to decide if the sizes are really close or if he had a growth spurt. Probably a little of both.

In the last few days we started giving Baby Boy whole canned green beans. I wanted him to start with something pretty mush-able, so even though I don't love canned veggies, that's what we decided on. He didn't like them at first, but after just 3 nights, his pincer grasp is developing nicely and he actually reaches for them. We still give him purées in the evening and are trying to figure out when to work in more food throughout the day.

Baby Boy is solidly in size 3 diapers. We made the switch a couple of months ago. I have a feeling hell be in them for a long time.

Around 6.5 months, Baby Boy became proficient at getting himself from a crawling position to sitting upright. He can now get to sitting from his back, something I don't think I can do :)

Now I'm going to save this entry as a draft to make sure I'm not forgetting something....

...and I remembered something else :)

Right around 7 months Baby Boy started to bang everything together.  He picks up blocks and bangs them together, tonight he picked up a book and tried to bang the chair with it.

And now I think I need to be done or I'm going to be logging things here that belong in an 8 month post!

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