Monday, September 5, 2011

Facing Forward

It's so hard to believe how quickly Baby Girl is growing up.  This weekend we sent her to her Grandma and Papaw's for Friday AND Saturday nights while Mommy and Daddy were participating in the OSU Alumni Band.  We were going to pick her up after the game Saturday, but decided (correctly) that we would be too exhausted to make the drive that day, so we let her spend another night.  She did great--I don't think she hardly noticed we were gone.  We, of course, missed her when we weren't busy or sleeping, but I think it was good for all of us.

We had installed Baby Girl's carseat into my mom's car and when we took it out to put into our car to take her home, we reinstalled it forward-facing.  Everyone but me seemed really excited. I get the feeling that my parents think some of the decisions we make for her are silly so they get incredibly excited when we decide that she can have some sort of sinful food or we let up on a rule or we turn her forward-facing.  It's annoying.  Anyway, she's now forward-facing, which she tells us every time she gets into the car.  The seat in the little car is still rear-facing and I'm not sure when we'll turn it around, but I'm not in a big hurry.  She was happy enough rear-facing, but does seem to enjoy seeing Mommy and Daddy while we're driving in the car.  And now we can see what she's doing back there, too.

It's fine, it's nice.  But the most important thing is that it's just another sign that she's really growing up.  She's wearing big girl jeans with a t-shirt and actually has pigtails in her hair and she looked like such a big girl in her carseat on the way to the grocery this morning.  I loved her as a newborn, I loved her as an infant, I loved her as a toddler, and I love her now as the little girl she's becoming.  I just can't believe it's all happened so quickly.


Cassie said...

What a big girl! OMG, I bet she looked so cute in her jeans and pigtails.

I hope you had fun on Saturday. I thought about you a lot and hoped you were doing okay in the heat. It was so hot out!

Shanna said...

Just wait until she starts yelling at you, "both hands on the wheel mommy," like mine does now. Hilarious and annoying all at the same time!