Thursday, May 24, 2012

40 Weeks

I'm going to entirely bypass my normal weekly update categories, especially since I posted an update on Friday after my doctor appointment. Instead I'm going to tell you about how I spent my due date yesterday. We were having a normal Saturday, cleaning and hanging out. Baby Girl had a rough go at napping, so Mommy and Daddy were annoyed and on edge. Just before 4:00 pm, I had my first truly painful contraction. I looked at The Hubby and told him that if it happened again, then I was pretty sure it was the real deal. Sure enough, about 6 minutes later it happened again. The contractions continued and The Hubby and I started doing our last minute things to prepare for baby while I was timing and then tried to get ahold of my in-laws, who happened to be in town. We'd thought we would see my in-laws... ------- 5/25/12 I wasn't going to publish this or was going to incorporate it into my birth story post, but found this partially-written post too funny not to publish on its own. I wrote this on 4/29/12, the day we ended up being admitted to the hospital. No more than 24 hours after writing this, we had a baby in our arms.

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