Monday, May 21, 2012

Three Weeks

My baby is officially not a newborn anymore. He doesn't fit into newborn diapers (we switched about a week ago when he kept peeing on me while I nursed him) and I think today is the last day he'll be wearing newborn size clothes. His poor little legs are too long for the sleeper he's in today. I think unwashed newborn size stuff will fit still, but if it has been washed, forget it. Developmentally, he seems to be dropping the newborn title, too. His head control has always been impressive, but he is at a point where I don't feel like I need to support it at all. When he is on your shoulder, he is always looking around. Like his big sister, Baby Boy stares over your shoulder while beng burped when sitting in the recliner. It is like they see someone behind you. They say children can see ghosts, so I find some comfort in thinking that some of our dearly departed are watching over my kids. Within the last couple of days, he has also developed a case of baby acne. It started with a couple of spots on his cheeks and forehead, but now most of his forehead is covered...just in time for our family photos yesterday! It isn't too bad, though, and hopefully will clear up soon. The last few days also brought the phase I hated most about infancy--spitting up. Ugh. He doesn't do it after every feeding, but he does it a fair amount. He remains a very gassy baby and we fight to get burps out of him each time he eats. He's also still fighting with gas pains that he struggles to relieve out the other end. After a good amount of screaming last night (which could be attributed to him being overtired after our photo session) The Hubby and I are both considering going dairy-free. I've already cut back, but couldn't resist the cheese and sour cream on my Chipotle... I've planned another week of dairy-free meals. Boring, but if it works, it is worth it. We'll try it for a week or so and if it helps, I'll stay dairy-free for a few months, at least. I'm just happy I have The Hubby's support. I wasn't going to ask him to be dairy-free, but he actually texted me today saying "Maybe we should both go a few days dairy free to see if that helps". I will say, though, that Baby Boy is a complete joy when he isn't screaming with gas pain. He still has awake periods of 1.5 hours when he stays awake. These seem to happen most often in the morning, and he passes back out after eating almost every time during the afternoon. He will lay content on his Boppy, on the floor, or in your arms when he is awake. He loves to look around. When he does nap, it is almost exclusively on his side in the Rock n Play (or on someone, of course...I still love that feeling and let him do it a fair amount). P.S. I was mistaken when I said that his eyes had changed to brown. They're still a very dark grey-blue, but I have no doubt that they'll be brown very soon.

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Cassie said...

Three weeks already! Oh man, time really flies. I found that to be true especially the second time around. Enjoy those cuddles for as long as you can because before you know it he'll be two-and-a-half and screaming because you won't let him have a cookie because he didn't eat his dinner...not that that happened to me last night, or anything. ;)

I can't wait to see your family pictures!! I'm sure they turned out beautifully. Your family is gorgeous, after all! :)