Monday, July 9, 2012

10 Weeks

Ten weeks old and still a hoss :) Baby Boy is much more relaxed than his sister ever was. It is so fun to watch him play by himself and flirt with everyone he meets. He tolerates his car seat much better as well. We went to the zoo yesterday with The Hubby's family (parents and brother's family) and both kids did great! I nursed Baby Boy in the aquarium twice, which worked out well. He slept on the drive up and again in his car seat in the stroller. I also carried him and helped him sleep some. It was really hot and we were all very sweaty and cranky by the time we got home!

Baby Boy is definitely a lot more aware of the world around him. He has started to get scared by loud noises like his sister screaming, which isn't fun for anyone. He is also distracted when nursing by people and noises. I don't know if he needs to eat less often or is just more efficient, but during some sessions he's popping off and giggling at me after less than 5 minutes. It is adorable, but frustrating.

Another developmental change I've noticed over the last couple of weeks is that he wants to stand all the time. He can support his weight for a minute or more, just using us for balance. He loves being upright in general and is also trying to sit up from laying down. We've started using the Bumbo some. When he's tired, his head will fall back a bit, but otherwise he loves it. His chunky thighs don't fit so well already, though, so I don't know how long we'll be able to use it!

He has also been finding different tones to his voice. He's starting to get loud and use different pitches. It's so fun to listen to!

I doubt anyone reading really wants to know this, but Baby Boy's poop has gotten thicker and less frequent. Hopefully it doesn't lead to blowouts like we experienced with Baby Girl!

Last items of note pertain to sleep. I'm going to do a whole entry about sleep, but wanted to mention two things. We had one night with a 6 hour stretch and last night got another of just under 5 hours. They typically happen when he hasn't slept as much during the late afternoon and the long stretches have been through the evening and very early morning. The other thing is that we had a day with more normal napping--2 hour morning and afternoon naps and a short early evening nap (although they were all on someone). He didn't have a long stretch that night, so I'm not pushing for another day like that yet.

The important thing to know is that he's growing and changing. I see him every day, so sometimes it is hard to see the changes, but they are definitely happening!

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Cassie said...

10 weeks. WOW, I can't believe that! Time goes so quickly. It made me smile when you wrote about how he's starting to experiment with his tones...I can just hear that in my head. It's one of my favorite parts of infancy. Give that sweet boy cuddles from me!