Monday, January 11, 2010

A sitter

(no, don't read that with an 'h' inserted--she still only poops once a week....)

We officially have a sitter. Baby girl sat and played with a toy for over 15 minutes on Saturday. Woohoo! She's still not 100% stable (if we leave the room, we'll lay her down), but she much prefers sitting over laying. Of course, she still prefers standing over any of it... :)


Danica said...


Simi said...

you can see the "mom" in me.. .that i thought was about the first time you left the babe with the sitter... or that you were looking for one.. HAHA!

Do you have a bumbo for her? This means soon she will be able to chill in one right?!!!

Allison said...

Simi, you're too cute! The Bumbo is actually for before they sit to help hold them up (because babies typically like to be upright and parents get tired of holding them up!). So she used her Bumbo from about 2 months (from the time she was holding her head steady) until recently (she's started getting pissy about it and wanting to be on the move).