Sunday, November 14, 2010

The pregnancy test

Since my lovely monthly visitor returned in mid-June, she'd been fairly predictable.  Prior to Baby Girl, I had a 28 day cycle almost every month.  It's been much of the same since then.  Until this month.  This month I was on cycle day 30, had spotted a bit and cramped a bit about 4 days prior, but then...nothing.  It was eerily similar to the month I got pregnant.

So I was in the bathroom yesterday and glanced under the sink and found the leftover digital test from that successful cycle.  It expired in April 2009.  I figured, what the heck.  I peed on it.  And as that test sat blinking, calculating, I held my breath.  I realized how scared I was and how ready I was NOT to have another baby.  How much I want to keep spending time with MY baby without having to split that time with a new one.  But then, watching that test blink, I started to accept it, to know that we'd be okay if it came up "Pregnant". 

But boy was I happy when it read "Not Pregnant".

And then about 2 hours later, I didn't need to have used that test after all.


Sarah Dee said...

HA! I did the same thing last week. But, I've been having these weird cramps and odd cycles with them. I looked in the drawer and saw a test that expired the next week. Figured, eh, gotta use it anyway, right?

R. came home and was confused.

But, even knowing that it would be pretty impossible, I was hopeful. And, a little sad I didn't have an immaculate conception. (R. would be sooo ticked if we had a baby without nookie!)

Cassie said...

Ah, I know that conflicted feeling all too well. My cycles are ALWAYS so wonky that it seems like I go through that every. single. month.