Monday, November 29, 2010


Things have been hectic.  I honestly thought I'd get online during my Thanksgiving break to blog, but just haven't had the time or motivation.  We spent Thursday morning through Saturday late afternoon with my parents, then came back and spent Saturday evening and Sunday at home.  It was a good long weekend, but far too short.

Work has been insanely busy--I haven't had much time to breathe or eat, let alone write a blog post. 

Baby Girl is in the midst of a verbal explosion.  She's willing to try to say any word we say (which is a little scary sometimes...) and watches our mouths intently, trying to figure out how we're forming words.  While playing Thanksgiving Bingo at my aunt's house, I won a foam alphabet puzzle, so we've been playing with that.  It's adorable to listen to her try to say the letters--all the ones that end in the "ee" sound sound about the same.

We've been piecing together childcare, which has been sort of interesting.  It has been a blessing that our work is SO flexible and allows us to work from home in the evenings or for The Hubby to go into work for awhile when Baby Girl is down for the night (like he's doing tonight and last night).  We've spent quite a bit of time with Baby Girl, which has really been nice.  Today The Hubby stayed home with her, my mom is coming up tomorrow, Wednesday she has her major doctor appointments, then I'll be home with her in the afternoon, then Thursday and Friday The Hubby's coworker's daughter (who is in a Master's program--not a 12 year old or something) will watch her.  This girl, K. (because "The Hubby's coworker's daughter is sort of lengthy), will be watching Baby Girl until Christmastime.  We're hoping to have something else lined up very soon that would begin in January!

Baby Girl has quickly made her way into toddlerhood.  She is hitting, throwing tantrums for no reason, and is refusing food.  She wants to dip food (she was dipping cornbread into BBQ sauce tonight at dinner) and refuses food she used to eat all the time.  If it weren't for peas, she wouldn't be eating much.  We're still sticking to our guns and not fixing anything special for her for dinner, but it's getting difficult.  Tonight we had shredded chicken, frozen veggies, and cornbread.  She just wasn't really interested in any of it.

So I failed at this NaBloPoMo thing.  I totally dropped the ball over the last four days, but hope to finish out the month strong.  Today is Baby Girl's 16 month birthday, so I should probably do a monthly update post, but am having a hard time finding the motivation to do so.  I'm horribly worn out from work and from battling this toddler...all I want to do is retreat and sleep.


Mandy said...

My first thought was, "Oh, thank goodness!" upon reading about the refusing food troubles. DS is doing the same thing out of nowhere, and you know the struggles we had to get him to eat food. And now it seems we're back to square one. I feel your pain, and hope they both grow out of this soon!

That's so cool about all her words! She's going to have early admission to Harvard by next year!

I'd been wondering how child care was going. I'm glad it's working out, and still so glad you aren't dealing with that horrible woman anymore.

Cassie said...

All of you have obviously been very busy. But I will admit I've missed your posts. :)

I'm glad everything is going okay with you all. I'm sure that the extra time you're getting to spend with Baby Girl has been really special. I hope everything works out with childcare in January, though! I'm sure that would be a huge relief.

I applaud you for not making a special dinner for Baby Girl! I do the same with Andrew, and I'll do it with Will too. Sometimes this means that Andrew eats VERY LITTLE for dinner, but I try not to let myself get worked up about it. He's just trying to exert control over his food, and doesn't yet realize that until he can make it himself, I'M the one who controls that. And that's just how it's going to be!