Monday, February 21, 2011

A Weekend of Growing Up

This was a wonderful weekend for our family.  We had a fabulous time spent together, playing, cleaning, eating--we did everything as a family.

Two things happened this weekend that really show how much Baby Girl is growing up. 

You know she calls me "Mom-mom"?  It's always actually bothered me a bit.  She can say "daddy", but "mommy" just never came was always "mom-mom".  It's adorable, yes, but why am I not mommy?  I've always called myself mommy and The Hubby has always called me mommy (well, you know, since Baby Girl was born...that would just be creepy otherwise) and she's always called me "mom-mom" in response. 

But this weekend she started calling me mommy.  And you know what?  I sort of miss "mom-mom".  I didn't think I would, but now "mommy" sounds odd coming out of her mouth.

For the other part of the story, I need to go back to last weekend.  Baby Girl has been really interested in going into the bathroom whenever we do.  She'll sit on her stool and read while we go potty and she always wants to watch us, so we let her whenever we don't have guests.  She loves to watch Daddy make "bubbles" (lol--he would probably kill me if he knew I wrote that here) and always needs to wash her hands when we do.

Since she's been interested, we thought we'd get her a potty, just to get a little more comfortable with having one around.  We definitely aren't pushing her to potty-train anytime soon--she's not even 19 months old yet!  We picked up the potty on Sunday, February 13th and she's practiced sitting on it off and on all week.  On Saturday (2/19) Baby Girl told me she had to go potty (not unusual), so I took her into the bathroom, took off her diaper, and sat in there with her.  She asked for her book and sat there reading.  She stood up and wanted to play and I explained that if she didn't have a diaper on, she either needed to sit on the potty or needed to put the diaper on.  She then started to grunt a little and I sat her back on the potty.  She tried to get up once more (I don't think she's ever actually pooped when she isn't laying down or standing up--she's not a squatter), but I gave her my finger to squeeze and she sat there and pooped on the potty! 

I have no idea what this will mean--I don't expect her to fully potty-train or anything, but it looks like we're officially on our frightening!  After telling my mom this story, she told me that I was fully trained by the time I turned 2 and that I was really easy to train--I was ready and once I was trained during the day, I was done at night, too.  So hopefully Baby Girl will be the same.  If not, that's totally okay--I don't have any expectations.

What a big, big girl....I cannot believe she's over a year and a half old and working her way toward 2.


Cassie said...

Oh my gosh, what a big girl for sure!! I will admit to being just a teensy bit (okay: a LOT) jealous, since it seems Andrew is going to be, um, challenging to potty train. I hope Baby Girl really is as easy to train as she seems to be so far!

Danica said...

Ah how exciting! She's growing up so fast!