Thursday, April 16, 2009

Insert Techno Music Here

'Cause last night there was a dance party in my belly! This little girl has been busting a move more and move every day--to the point where I feel like my stomach should be shaking! She also keeps finding new places to hang out in there. One minute she's down pretty low, then the next she's found a new nook up on a side high up. She must be cruising a lot in there--hope she realizes 10 p.m. isn't playtime once she's on the outside.

I never want to forget this feeling. Sometimes I'll be sitting at work and she'll just be bouncing around in there and I stop what I'm concentrating on because, well, who wouldn't?? She just never ceases to amaze me! Right now I'm doing my absolute best to enjoy feeling her in there because I know I'll miss it when she's here.


Mrs. Hammer said...

Awe that is so awesome to hear. But my friends do tell me that the times when they are active inside matches with what they do out in the real world.

crrv said...

Awww, I miss that feeling. You are right, savor it now.

Oh, and I do believe there is a direct correlation to baby's movement inside the womb to baby's movement OUTside the womb. LOL