Sunday, April 5, 2009

Making Progress

We're making some good headway toward not being slobs anymore. Our kitchen has officially been clean for almost an entire week. We've done a great job keeping it clean!

We've got an accordion file set up where we can put all papers that will eventually need to go to the filing cabinet. Yesterday I worked on coupons--I set up another accordion file for loose coupons that I can organize by expiration date and then put all of my inserts in order.
My coupons are a total mess, so I'm going to need to work on it more tonight and throughout the week!

We're working on getting caught up with laundry and are making sure with each load to get them put away so we can put the next one away. We will, again, work on getting this done during the evenings this week.

We went through the nursery to see what was in the boxes in there and now have 3 boxes of things to take to Half Price Books. Who knows what we'll get for it, but it will be out of our hair, which is a great feeling!

Our whole first floor is officially clutter-free, which is awesome. Now we'll just work on keeping it that way. Soon our bedroom should be in a good place, too. I'm hoping by the end of the April everything in our house will have its place and then we just need to work on developing good habits.

Thanks for all the great tips, everyone!!!!


crrv said...

Great Job! It will become second nature in no time.

Sarah Dee said...

Your house looked great yesterday!

Working Woman said...


tbonegrl said...

Good for you.

Showing the house has instilled a new need not to have clutter in me!

Em said...

Way to go!

With the coupons, mine are in a small accordion folder (~4"x6") that I can take with me to Target or the grocery store. I have it organized by type of item, which makes it very easy to see if I have a coupon for what I'm buying. My categories are things like baking (spices, oil), fridge food, condiments, cleaning supplies, personal items (makeup, toothpaste), baby stuff, etc. I cut coupons on Sunday when I go through the paper, and sort through to take out the expired ones about once a month.

Allison said...

Thanks, Em :) I might try to expand that to my massive coupon obsession, but a little accordion thing just doesn't work when you need to keep all the coupons that you ever get in case you'll need them to make a deal. :D