Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Small Things

1) Homemade pulled pork (complete with leftovers!)
2) Blue box mac & cheese
3) My DH writing and talking about how much he loves this little baby and how he hopes she has my smile.
4) Texts from DH telling me he misses me, even though we're just at work
5) Knowing that DH is as distracted by all this baby stuff as I am!
6) Having hope for friends who are still struggling to TTC--hope is a powerful thing!
7) A great friend who offered to throw me a friends shower :)
8) Hosting Bunco next month!
9) My grandma who bought me a maternity shirt
10) The weather getting warmer again!


Mandy said...

Why is it that every food you mention, I have to start to crave. I want some mac & cheese like you wouldn't believe now. :)

Julie said...


Belly shot?

Danica Lynn said...

YAY for the small things.

crrv said...

oooooooh, mac and cheese from the blue box. yummmm. :)