Sunday, September 6, 2009

Proud Mama

Well, apparently we haven't screwed Baby up too much. My little girl is sleeping in her swing and has been for over an hour and a half. And the best part? She wasn't sleeping when we put her in there. She's learning how to put herself to sleep. Yes, she was really drowsy, but she typically fights it like crazy. Tonight, though, she let herself doze off and has been sleeping there for longer than ever before. When we've put her in the swing before once she's already sleeping, she's stayed for no more than 20 minutes. What a breakthrough!!

My confidence needed this boost. When you're exhausted, hormonal, and newly responsible for a little human, it's hard believing that you know what you're doing. I always thought parenting would come naturally, but it just doesn't--not to me, anyway.

This also tells me that DH and I can probably let her sleep on us during the day if we want, as we have been and she still is able to do this. Woohoo! Back to enjoying our snuggle time without worrying that we're messing up her sleeping abilities forever.

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