Thursday, October 22, 2009

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho

And off to work I went.

Today was rough. But at least I was distracted by seeing my coworkers and showing off pictures of my beautiful baby. Tomorrow has the possibility to be even worse.

I worked 6 hours--8-2:30 (with a half hour lunch....sort of). The drop off was pretty painful. I couldn't believe I left my baby in someone else's arms. Ugh.

Pumped three times--8:30, 11:30, and 1:30. Got 5 oz. at 8:30, but only 5 oz. combined between the other two feedings. Very frustrating.

Picked up just after 3:00. The sitter and baby were snoozing together in the rocking chair--precious! I will say I was a bit disappointed by how little detail we received about how much she slept and ate and when, though. It felt like she didn't want to tell us how much she cried. We knew she would cry and, honestly, I wouldn't be phased by that. She did eat 14 oz., which scares me when I realize I need to pump enough to keep up with that. I'll just have to be pumping over the weekends and in the evenings, too, I suppose. I'm hoping, too, that the sitter didn't just pump her full of food because she was upset. Baby normally only eats twice in the time she was there today.

Hopefully she's just getting used to the way the baby is and it will all get into a better routine next week. And hopefully tomorrow isn't harder--I'll have less to concentrate on at work and I'll be more anxious about pumping enough to meet her needs (which, of course, could decrease my output...can you say vicious cycle?).

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Trisha R Jackson said...

10oz pumped in 3 pumpings? That's great!! And 5 in one sitting? Seriously honey, that's fantastic. There were lots of times that I had to pump early in the AM before work, 3 times at work and then again before I went to bed, just to get enough for the next day. And I started by having an oversupply. Keep it up!