Saturday, October 3, 2009


Tonight I regained a bit of normalcy. I put on makeup for the first time since baby was born (prior to her birth I wore it every day unless we were just laying around the house). I kept my hair down for the first time since baby was born (and it had been awhile before that, too, I think). DH and I went out to dinner in a restaurant for the first time since baby was born. We still haven't gotten brave enough to try to take baby to a restaurant, so it was the first time at all. Spent time with DH without a baby around for the first time since she was born. If she's sleeping now and we're awake, she's typically sleeping on us, while when she sleeps in her crib we're either sleeping or DH isn't here.

It was weird. And not normal at all. But it's nice, too. I've missed my husband (and, really, still do). I felt really guilty that I didn't really stress too much about leaving the baby or being away from her. Maybe because I have been so overwhelmed and stressed being *with* her that it was nice to get a break. Also, she was with my parents, who I knew would do just fine with her. DH promised he was stressed enough about leaving her for the both of us, though.


Mandy said...

Glad you enjoyed your time out! And you shouldn't stress about leaving her. A happier mom is going to make a happier baby, and like you said, you know she was safe being with your parents. It is funny how much you miss them even though it's just a few hours, isn't it?

Mrs. Hammer said...

I'm glad you got some time out of the house to feel normal again. I think if she was with grandparents that is a good reason to not feel worried.

Colleen said...

I'm glad that you got out and got to get a glimpse of what you think is "normalcy" again. Just know that you shouldn't feel guilty about not missing your daughter when you are enjoying a peaceful night with the hubby. You need that... both of you do!