Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ten Months Old

Oh Baby Girl, I can't really believe you're ten months old.  I realize I say that every single month, but it's true!  Ten months ago, you were this little teeny baby who couldn't even hold her head up, and now you're this independent little girl!

In the last month, you've started clapping!  It actually just happened in the last couple of days.  You'll clap when we do and also when you do something that makes you happy (turning on a toy, some music, etc.).  Your daddy noticed that you're clapping by bringing your left hand to your right--is it possible you'll be left-handed?  Mommy and Daddy will have to enlist the help of your aunt and uncle to show you how to write and cut with your left hand, if so!

You also have started to shake your head "no".  We don't think it's actually that you're saying no, though--it happens more often when you're dancing to some music or just generally being silly.  You've also started shaking your head when Mommy and Daddy do, too.  For now, it's adorable, but I'm not sure if it will be so cute when we're trying to scold you.  Oh, let's face it, it'll still be cute...but might be frustrating!

You love music and books so much.  You're a lot like Mommy and Daddy (music for both, books for Mommy) in that respect.  You love to dance to music by bouncing while standing.  You're a busy, busy girl, but if we give you a few books, you'll actually stay in one place for a few minutes, turning the pages and sometimes giving the babies in the book kisses (big, wet, tongue kisses). 

Speaking of kisses, you're great at giving kisses.  Yes, they might be a bit wet and you might tend to stick your tongue in Mommy and Daddy's mouths, but it's obvious that you're trying to kiss us.  You also love when Daddy tries to have you blow kisses to Mommy before he takes you to bed.  You always giggle as he puts your hand to your mouth.

This month you've also really found your balance and stand upright without holding onto anything much of the time.  One time you even stood up from a crawling position without pulling up on anything!

You are so close to'll hold onto our fingers and walk, but aren't brave enough to try it while not holding on!  I know we'll get there soon enough.  Soon you'll realize that you could do it if you wanted to and once that happens, look out!  You'll be running soon after you start walking (once you figure out it's quicker to walk than to crawl!).

This past week you discovered the stairs.  Within two days, you figured out how to scale the steps like a pro and can now get up three of them before we can get to you!  We've been trying to teach you how to come back down safely, but you aren't really interested in that part.

You also got your first tooth this month!  Your bottom left tooth showed up with no fanfare and Mommy and Daddy thought that meant they would all be pretty easy. Unfortunately, you seem to be getting a few more (at least the bottom right and possibly the 2nd bottom left and maybe your top two) and your sleep has begun to suffer for it.  You chew on your fingers (and everything else) really hard, trying to work those teeth through your gums.

The only thing about you this month (and most others!) that hasn't been so pleasant is your sleep (or lack thereof).  We had gotten into a great groove with bedtime and were able to put you down awake most nights and you'd suck your thumb and fall asleep.  Now, though, you need to be completely asleep before we can lay you down and even then sometimes you'll pop your little head up--sometimes crying and sometimes grinning ear to ear.  Mommy and Daddy can deal with the waking once (or twice) a night, but this bedtime stuff is pretty painful.  We all can tell you're obviously tired, so just let yourself sleep, please!

I had to mention the sleeping, but feel I need to also tell you what an absolute joy you are.  I could watch you play for hours.  Unless Mommy or Daddy has something you want (the laptop, a remote, a cell phone), you are really pretty independent and can entertain yourself with your toys as well as some of the things around the house (the bookcase, the armoire--really anything you can pull up on).  You're quick with a smile and giggle pretty easily.  You're friendly with strangers and now even sometimes smile at them in the stores instead of just staring.  You are fascinated by other kids and just a pleasure to be around all the time.  I love to watch you grow and change, even though I do want to hold onto my baby for awhile longer.  I'm not ready for you to be a one year old!

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Manday said...

time passes so quickly! sounds like she is doing great and adorable,