Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Great, the Good, and the not so Good

The Great:  We had a fantastic night last night!  Baby Girl had her one year appointment (complete with shots), but she was in a fun mood yesterday.  I was laying on the floor and she would walk up to me, then give my head a hug (which probably looked more like putting me in a headlock...), then roll off, stand up, walk around to the other side, and tackle my head again.  She was showering my face with slobbery kisses and giggling like crazy.  She would eventually tire of attacking my head and then walked down along my side and pulled up my shirt to tickle my belly.  She got a little rough, but it was so cute that she wanted to tickle mommy :)  Then she'd climb up onto my head, usually end up straddling my neck, and lay down like she was tackling me.  I'd roll her off to a barrage of giggles, tickle her, and she'd run off, only to return about 15 seconds later.  So much fun!!!!

The Good: Baby Girl is understanding compound requests like "Go get the shoes and bring them to Mommy, please".  She knows what shoes are, where they are, and can combine the instruction to bring them to Mommy.  According to the sitter (whose thoughts we always take with a grain of salt), that's pretty advanced for her age.  What a smartie!

The Not-so-good:  Our family has gotten quite a bit of bad news recently.  My aunt is terminal with her cancer (started out as breast cancer that was in remission, but then metastasized in her brain.  She's been fighting the brain stuff for awhile now and about 2 months ago was given 4 weeks to live.  She's outlived that, but her doctor has officially turned her over to hospice care to help her be comfortable.  It doesn't sound like things are good. 

We also got a call last night from The Hubby's mom that his grandfather (his dad's dad) wasn't doing too well.  He had had some surgery on his leg and was given a spinal block for it, which apparently, when combined with some pain meds he'd been given early, has rendered him unconscious.  He's come in and out of consciousness, but when he's awake, doesn't know where or who he is.  Scary stuff.

Lastly, I've just learned about a coworker having breast cancer.  It sounds like they've caught it early, but it's still so very scary. 

Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.


Cassie said...

Such sad, scary news. I'll definitely pray for your family and co-worker.

Baby Girl sounds like such an incredibly fun little lady! And yes, it sounds like she is very advanced for her age! I know boys mature slower generally, but I don't think Andrew was following complex requests like that until he was 15-18 months old!

Sarah Dee said...

Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about everyone. I hope that C's Grandpa is able to 'snap out' of it when the medicine is out of his system. How scary.

And, following a two step direction like that is pretty advanced stuff! Way to go E!