Monday, August 9, 2010

Twelve Months Old

A few of these developmental things technically happened just after she turned a year old, but I am having a hard time remembering what was happening as of her birthday (bad mommy not writing things down then!).

~ Baby girl is beginning to run!  It's the cutest thing!  She's still stumbling and falling down a lot, but she (almost) always hops back up and goes again. We've had multiple people tell us that she's really "rough & tumble", which we're happy about.

~ Baby girl says "Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" all the time.  Seriously.  To her dolls, to us, to anyone.  She says "Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as soon as a door is opened, many times before people can hear her.  And if you don't respond, she'll keep saying it.  Of course, if you *do* respond, she'll keep saying it. 

~ Baby girl also says "mamama", "dad", "daddy", "daho" (dog, we think, as she said it when the IL's dog would run across the room), "duck", "bye", and The Hubby says he's heard her "moo" and "quack"

~ Baby girl knows where her nose, her tummy, and her mouth are.  She can also point out the eye on her doll, but we haven't seen her do it on my own body yet.

~ Baby girl has had a few meals where she eats what we eat, but because we still haven't successfully introduced milk, we typically give her pieces of our meals.  Last night, for instance, she had a bunch of black beans from Chipotle while we had our burritos.  I also gave her some of my tomato and corn salsas.  We still haven't found many foods she won't eat (she didn't seem to like yogurt this time, even though she liked it the first time and she didn't like the fruit cocktail I tried to give her at Sam's Club last night.  She still love hummus, applesauce, black beans, corn, peas, and quite a few other things.

~ As of the day before her birthday, Baby Girl has four teeth!  That second top one finally poked through the gums and is about the same length as her other top tooth.  She never seemed horribly bothered by it, thank goodness!

~ Her favorite game is still peek-a-boo.  It is the only thing that will always be responded to with giggles. 

~ Baby Girl loves to tickle.  If you aren't wearing shoes in our house, chances are good that she'll toddle over to you and grab at your feet.  Many times it's a bit rough to be ticklish, but we play along.  She's also started pulling our shirts up to tickle our bellies.  Just need to remember to teach her not to do it in public!

~ Books are still a favorite in our house.  Many times we'll be delayed in doing something because she'll request a book--and who can deny that???  She still loves her Elmo book (So Big) (she even knows when it says "Elmo says 'Ma-Ma-Ma'" and says "mamama" when the page is turned) and also really likes Brown Bear and anything with a flap or textured pages.  Our library has grown tremendously--there are books all over the house!

~ We're working on teaching Baby Girl to put things away.  It's fun to see that she understands simple questions ("Please take this shoe to Daddy") and follows our instructions.  She receives high praise and snuggles whenever she does something we ask! 

~ Baby Girl's kisses have moved from open to closed mouth and, honestly, I'm a little sad about that!  I loved those big open-mouthed kisses I used to get all over my face.  But the closed-mouth ones are so sweet and if you say "give Mommy a kiss" she'll lean in and give you one right on the mouth.  She's also learned to blow kisses this weekend.  Sure, sometimes she'll blow them from her cheek or something, but she gets it ;)

~ We've completely transitioned to the convertible carseats.  We weren't taking the infant seat out of the car anyway, so we went one weekend and got a second convertible seat (our first was a hand-me-down from The Hubby's relative).  Baby Girl looks so teeny now in there, but she seems comfortable (besides getting sweaty....anyone have a remedy for that???). 

I think that's about baby is turning into a little girl before my eyes!  She's still so sweet and loves to sit on your lap to read books, but when she thinks you're going to try to get her to go to sleep, she's out of there!  She's sleeping okay--bedtime is a bit more challenging than it used to be, but getting better.  She slept through the night for exactly a week, but then got sick and we haven't seen that again.  But we're doing okay :)

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Cassie said...

She sounds like such a sweet little smarty-pants! I remember really being sad when Andrew started with the close-mouthed kisses. I loved those messy, slobbery ones, but at least now I'm getting them again with Will :)

We just put him in his convertible car seat (backwards, of course) over the weekend. He's so long that his legs were hanging off his infant seat, halfway up his calf! He's going to be one tall boy.

Glad you had a week of really good sleep. It sounds like things are better in that department overall, and with a girl as sweet as yours, I'm sure she totally makes up for the not-sleeping with tons of cuteness. :)