Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meal Plan 8/1-8/7

Sunday: I think we had leftovers
Monday: Taco Pizza (refrigerated crust with a sauce of refried beans mixed with taco sauce, topped with ground turkey in taco seasoning, cheddar, tomatoes, and sour cream.  Wanted to use onions, but we can't find the bag I bought and The Hubby hid because he wanted the house to look clean put away)
Tuesday: Burgers and diced sweet potatoes
Wednesday: Shredded BBQ chicken w/corn on the cob
Thursday: Brats and mashed potatoes
Friday: Pasta and meatballs
Saturday: either eating out (we're celebrating our anniversary by going to see a musical and may eat lunch or dinner out depending on the plans of our babysitters (my parents))

We were out of town Friday through Sunday, which is when Baby Girl got sick, so we were also home all day yesterday with her and I'm home with her again this morning when I get relieved by The Hubby.  The Hubby has been sick for a week and I'm just praying I don't catch it, too. Baby Girl now has a double ear infection and is being treated for a possible case of whooping cough (guessing she doesn't have it based on most of the symptoms, but the doctor said since we're giving antibiotics for the ear infections anyway we should nip it in the bud just in case).  So yeah....not much time to write up about what we did on her birthday (short story: went to the state fair), where we are developmentally, where I am emotionally, and what's going on with nursing.  But we'll get there at some point.


Cassie said...

Oh wow, sounds like you have a lot going on. Sorry to hear about Baby Girl. Poor thing.

By the way, you mentioned your anniversary...When is it? Ours is August 8. It'll be six years for us.

Allison said...

Happy early anniversary!

Our four year was actually June 24th--we were waiting until Wicked came to town to celebrate and treated ourselves to tickets :)

Sarah Dee said...

How overwhelming. Hope that the you enjoyed the fair and that you stay well.

I totally hide things to put them away too... (hangs head in shame)