Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Cards

My absolute go-to website for photo prints is Shutterfly.  I've ordered many photo books from them, including a wedding album that I put together for our parents (and am planning on putting together for us since we can't seem to get our shit together to order one through our photographer!).

Speaking of getting out shit together...I wanted to do photo birth announcements.  But didn't.  lol  I threw a photo into our holiday card last year for some people, but generally didn't get it done.  But when I was looking at announcements BEFORE Baby Girl arrived, I looked at these on Shutterfly.

I've previously also ordered Mother's Day and Father's Day cards from Shutterfly for our parents with pictures of Baby Girl (Shutterfly is always offering great promotions).

The best promotion they've done, though, is one that I think a lot of you may have read about at this point.  They are offering 50 free holiday photo cards for bloggers who write about their products!  I'm so stinking excited.  I had actually already put together the photo cards I wanted to use on Shutterfly when I realized that I should participate!

This is one of our favorite designs:

Another favorite is this one:

Although while trying to find the ones that I loved, I might have fallen in love with some others...  lol  After the holidays, I'll be sure to share the final product!!!

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