Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Because I know you're all wondering....

(Actually, because I haven't had any adult interaction today and just feel like talking...)

Been a really long 24+ hours in our house. 

5:00: The Hubby starts feeling nauseous
6:30: The Hubby leaves for work party, leaving me alone with Baby Girl to do bedtime, etc.
11:30: The Hubby comes home and tells me about said nausea
12:30:  The Hubby wakes up to get sick for the first time.  I get up and go down to basement to sleep.  Upon failing to sleep (cable box is broken down there, so it was far too quiet for me and my thoughts), I come to the first floor, listen to him get sick, feel very nauseous myself, post on the blog, kick ass at a typing game on FB, watch Storage Wars until I pass out fall asleep on the couch (around 3:00).
5:30:  The Hubby gets sick for what will be the last time (knock on wood).
8:00: I wake up, scrub down the first floor and disinfect everything in sight.
9:15: Baby Girl wakes up (latest she's ever slept--I assume it's her body fighting off the sickness)
9:20: The Hubby tries to come downstairs and I send him back to our bedroom
10:30: Baby Girl and I go to my work to get my wallet, then to Target, then to CVS, then to Kroger.  If Target had just had what I needed and I hadn't forgotten my wallet at work, Target would've been the only stop.  I notice that I still feel nauseous (wondered if it was in my head last night, but now confirming that it isn't)
noon: Come home with Baby Girl, have lunch, play.  Give The Hubby a sandwich and my home remedy (onion juice and peppermint tea found here).
1:45 Nurse Baby Girl, put her down for nap at 2:10.  Check on The Hubby and he's sleeping.
3:45: Baby Girl wakes up and we play and have a snack.  Feeling very nauseous the whole time.  Had a nice time playing with her, though.
5:30: Fix and eat dinner of black beans and barley.  Sits fine for me and Baby Girl eats well over one adult serving. 
6:30: Build blocks, read books, played with Mr. Potato Head
7:30: Nursed and bedtime
8:15 (it was a long, drawn-out bedtime): Checked in on The Hubby.  He's just woken up from his "nap" that started around 1:30.  Brought him dinner and chatted for about five minutes.  Realized how much I've missed him today.
8:30: Cleaned up some things, talked to my mom on the phone, and here I am.  Still nauseous.

Praying that Baby Girl stays healthy.  Not sure when we can start to breathe.  Not sure when I can let The Hubby out of our bedroom, either.  Praying that this nausea is all I'm going to experience.  After consulting with some people who have had this bug, it sounds like most people don't feel nauseous for long before they get sick, so I'm hoping the bug is presenting in me as just nausea.  And I'm hoping I was successful in keeping Baby Girl from getting it.  No mouth kisses.  Hands washed so much they're raw.  Lysol used repeatedly.  Being out of the house for a couple of hours.  Giving her a probiotic (after taking one myself).  I've put a lot of work into keeping her healthy--I hope it was all worth it.

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osuraj said...

Hope you made it through without getting it...sounds like you did everything you could. Good job mom!