Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Scratch that plan

The Hubby and I both took off work 12/22 so we could prepare for our Christmas traveling--doing laundry, packing, finishing up gift-buying, wrapping, etc.  Then on 12/23 we were planning to head to the in-laws.

Not so much anymore. 

The Hubby got home from a work holiday party around 11:30 telling me that his stomach didn't feel good.  We're very aware of the stomach bug going around--his brother, sister-in-law, and our three nieces all had it the end of the last week and had to postpone sister-in-law's family Christmas until January because of it.  So when he told me that he was nauseous, I knew where this was going.  Somehow I was able to fall asleep, but was awakened about an hour later by him rushing to the bathroom....and then kept awake by the noises that followed.

After he came back out, he offered to go to the basement, where we have a guest bed set up.  I told him that I should go down there so he could be closer to the bathroom.  I took the baby monitor with me.  I tried to fall asleep down there (it really is a comfy bed), but kept fluctuating between anxious, mad*, and sad/disappointed and didn't have anything but my thoughts (our cable box down there died).  I couldn't sleep.

So here I am in the living room watching TV, feeling nauseous from either the anxiety or the actual stomach bug, waiting to hear Baby Girl awake, sick, trying to decide what I should do with her if she seems healthy in the morning.  Should we go out and about to minimize our interaction with The Hubby?  Should we go stay for a day at my parents' house? 

I worry about going to my parents' house because if we're carrying the virus already, I'd hate to take it down there.  I also would hate to delay the inevitable and end up with us sick on Christmas Day.  If we're all going to get sick, might as well have December 22nd be the worst day of our year.  But if Baby Girl and I can avoid it, I'd love that, obviously.  I have no idea what to do and know that sitting up at 2 a.m. isn't the answer, but just cannot sleep.  I'm going to go peek in on Baby Girl (she did cry out earlier, so I want to be sure she didn't get sick and fall back asleep or something) and then try again to go to sleep.  If I'm going to be fighting this with my entire being, I need to have some rest.  Heck, even if it's just that I'm going to be taking care of Baby Girl by myself, I need rest.

*Yes, mad.  I've always felt like The Hubby didn't take the care he should to avoid getting sick and/or bringing sickness home.  I realize that some sickness is a part of life, but I take as many precautions as I reasonably can--washing hands ALL.THE.TIME, using paper towels to open doors, using hand sanitizer or washing hands before eating, etc.  And he just...doesn't.  And maybe it's because he's not as paranoid.  But it seems that he's the one bringing this virus into our house, so part of me blames him (okay, a BIG part).


osuraj said...

I JUST got over this stomach bug...and I take every precaution in the book not to get sick. It's brutal. I will spare you the details, but take pity on your husband. It's definitely going around. I quarantined myself in our bedroom/bathroom and stayed away from hubs and the baby for almost 2 days. Luckily they didn't get it. Hope you guys don't either!

Cassie said...

Oh no! I am SO SORRY, Allison. That's so frustrating, and it's such awful timing too. As you may remember, the boys and I had the virus back in November, and Joe never got it. So if it's the same strain, maybe it'll pass you by. We also weren't sick with it for that long -- a couple of days -- and while they were awful days, at least it wasn't any longer than that.

I really, really hope you and Baby Girl don't get it!