Monday, December 20, 2010

If you're easily offended, keep on moving...but if not, come on in!

I have two stories to tell that were hilarious when they happened in my bedroom.  Whether they're hilarious as told in my blog will be a totally different story.

Baby Girl's favorite game is peek-a-boo--it has been for months and months.  It seems that with each day, she play peek-a-book in a different way.  It started out just giggling when we'd hide, but now it's to the point that she will hide or even just put her hands over her own (or you) eyes and say "peek!"

Well, we were enjoying a relaxing morning in bed on Saturday morning.  I had just finished nursing her and we were snuggling and tickling and having a great weekend morning.  And then...she realized that she could play peek-a-boo.  Using my bra.  So she kept saying "peek!" and pulling my bra down (I should note that I still wear a nursing it's easy peek-a-boo access). 

Seriously, though...the game went on for like 5 minutes.  She'd pull down my bra, say "peek!", giggle, and hide it again.  Rinse and repeat.  The Hubby and I were trying to contain our laughter a bit so she didn't realize what an incredibly hilarious game this really was...we don't need to encourage her playing peek-a-boo like that in public!  I explained to her (although I know she didn't understand) that this is a game that we only play in mommy and daddy's room...we can't play peek-a-boo with mommy's boob in public.

This kid gets more and more clever every day.

Then Sunday morning she picked up something off the floor and said "cheese!".  Her "cheese" sounds really similar to her "please", so I had to look to see whether she wanted me to do something (thus the "please") or if she found some cheese.

I look in her hand and what do I see?  Something in a (mostly) white wrapper that *did* look an awful lot like a piece of string cheese...

A tampon. 

No, Baby Girl, that's not cheese...


Sarah Dee said...

yea, that's funny!

And, not offensive.

Cassie said...

Those are both fantastic stories! I'm laughing at a probably inappropriate volume at work!