Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meal Plan 3/11/12 - 3/17/12

I've been a major blogger slacker this week.  It's been a weird week at work, so I haven't even had a lunch hour to write posts.  I have a few unfinished entries written that I need to post...and I will, I promise.  I'm officially 33 weeks pregnant and never wrote a post for 32 weeks, which is a shame since that was my last week feeling that happy, comfortable pregnant feeling.

I'm feeling really uninspired this week, but am still trying some new recipes.  We'll see what happens.  I wouldn't be surprised if one of the recipes gets postponed to next week and I take a night off, but I don't want to plan on that.  So without further ado...

Sunday: Quesadillas.  We went out to dinner last night, unexpectedly, so we still have the chicken from the chicken bowls leftover and will make those into quesadillas tonight.  If I thought the chicken would still be good tomorrow, I'd save it as a quick dinner tomorrow night.  So, as always, the night we cook things is open to change.

Monday: Easy Jambalaya.  This is our recipe for cooking club this week and I'm really excited to make it. It seems like our type of meal--easy, quick, and yummy!

Tuesday:  Sloppy Joes with tater tots.  'Nuf said, I think :)

Wednesday: Key West Grilled Chicken.  This was a Pinterest find and it sounds like a great marinade for our first grilling of the season.  I'll serve it with some rice and maybe some pineapple.

Thursday: Stuffed Cabbage Casserole.  This is the recipe that could end up being made tonight if I don't make quesadillas since it has a bit longer cooking time.  Unfortunately, though, I'd planned on making extra rice with the grilled chicken to use in this dish, so I'll need to cook some rice first.

Friday: Crockpot Ranch Pork Chops.  We've had these before and really enjoyed them.  When I saw that pork chops are on sale this week, I knew I had to make them again.  I'll make them with mashed potatoes.  Great comfort food!

Saturday: Fondue.  Last June we had a gathering with our closest college friends to celebrate our collective 30th birthdays and, to celebrate, we went to Melting Pot.  I want to recreate that food at home (it's *got* to be cheaper....) and get together those same friends before we're a little more restricted (we'll be shipping Baby Girl off to my parents' house so we can have some adult time and I have a feeling adult time will be at a premium for awhile once Baby Boy is here).  I'm really excited, but need to start looking for recipes--we'll do cheese, meat, and dessert courses!


Janet said...


Let me know how the KeyWest grilled chicken is. Also I've got some meat and cheese fondu recipes if you need some. I love doing fondu at home.


Cassie said...

Oh man, the fondue night sounds like such a blast!!! And the Key West chicken sounds really delicious. I need Joe to fire up the grill here in the next couple of weeks! I miss it so.

Cassie said...

I can't get on FB because my phone died (and I can't access it from work) so here are a couple of the quilts I like for A:

This puzzle one, which I can't find in stock in twin size:

And here's the PB one:

I am seriously so frustrated! Nothing that I like is in stock. I love that you love to do stuff like this. :) I agree that we're soul mates!