Thursday, March 29, 2012

35 Weeks

How am I feeling? Very uncomfortable.  I'm still sleeping okay, so I can't complain there.  I'm waking maybe twice per week to go to the bathroom and I'm not even sure that that is what is waking me.  I'm not able to sit or stand or do anything for long, though.  I'm feeling aches and pains pretty much everywhere, especially from the waist down.  Over the weekend (right as I turned 35 weeks) I started feeling a pain just below my butt cheek.  I thought it might be sciatica, but I don't think so after reading and after it persisting all this time.  The pain has expanded and, for lack of a better description, I think it feels like Baby Boy has his head rammed against the left side of my pelvis, as the pain as moved a bit.  Either way, it's definitely inhibiting my ability to walk waddle.  

Weight thoughts: I have none at this time.  I'm sure I'll see another gain at my next appointment, but I'm just eating what I want at this point.

Doctor appointments?   We have all of the remaining appointments scheduled:

     Wednesday, April 4th
     Monday, April 9th (growth u/s)
     Tuesday, April 17th
     Tuesday, April 24th

Let's hope that's all of them!

Movement? Baby Boy is still really active.  For the most part, his butt is under my left breast, his back goes down my left side, and his head is just to the left of its goal.  I get kicks on my right side and there are also times that he gets his legs bent enough to kick me up high.  Whichever side I sleep on, his head rotates to that side, making me spazz a bit, but by the time I get out of the shower his head is usually back down (I can feel the pressure on my bladder).  So he's still not engaged, but I've been reassured that engagement typically doesn't happen until later and that baby can be a little tilted and contractions will put him in the right position for exit.

Baby preparation? I think at this point the preparation is just mentally.  Our sitter is closed tomorrow through next Friday, so The Hubby and I are going to spend some special time with Baby Girl (as much as possible, anyway).  I still feel the need to read some things about relaxation techniques, but I'm not sure how much good reading is going to do.  My goal is to get the hospital bag packed over the weekend, just in case, and to start deciding if I want to do some sort of playlists of music for labor.  Otherwise it'll just be getting prepared to shift my work to other colleagues and making sure our family is on board with care for Baby Girl.  And then we just wait.


Cassie said...

You're so close now! SQUEEE!! I can't wait to see his sweet face. :)

The Stoycheffs said...

I used two playlists for L&D. The first was all brass band, and that got me through the labor part before the epidural. I was focused on the music and into wasn't necessarily calming but more motivating. The second playlist was while I was pushing and just before, when my epidural had half worn off and I was pretty tired. It was all relaxing music, mostly Christian stuff with encouraging messages. Some of it made me cry, in a good way. We just plugged my iPod into some speakers we brought and it filled the room. So I'd make a couple of playlists -- one for energy and determination, and one for relaxation and comfort :)

The Stoycheffs said...

I used two of my iPod playlists (we brought speakers and plugged it in to fill the room with music). Brass band was used when I was waiting to get to my epidural. It made me alert and focused and distracted me from the task at hand a bit, but also energized me. We listened to the loud, angry stuff :) When we were to the point of almost pushing and my epidural had half worn off and I was dog tired, I used all relaxing music, mostly Christian stuff. It' helped me relax, made me focus on the bigger picture and helped me release some fears, etc. I cried a little in the good way. So I'd highly reccommend making music for a couple different moods. Sometimes you need to get angry, sometimes you need to cry ;o)