Friday, May 15, 2009

Lots to say....

There are a ton of things on my mind, but I just haven't been able to put it all on here.

I started a blog post about bra shopping and will probably finish that up very soon.

Not particularly looking forward to most of this weekend. We're headed to the ILs tonight through Sunday morning-ish. Then comes the exciting part--our 3D/4D ultrasound! I can't wait to get a good look at the baby. I also can't wait to see where those body parts are...she's always poking me with something, but I don't know what it is! Sometimes I could swear she's either head-butting me or just, well, butting me. It's something

I generally am okay with going to the ILs, but it will be a full house, which means it will be a loud house. With 12 weekends left for sleeping in (give or take a few), I'm cherishing each one I can get...and this weekend won't be one of them, I don't think. I will also be sitting through a HS show choir concert that will probably last at least 3 hours. I don't sit for long amounts of time well, especially in a high school auditorium. I assume I'll be playing the pregnancy card and going to pee lots of times during the show.

The other thing I'm sort of dreading is that it's supposed to be a nice weekend. If we were going to be home, that would be fine. We'd probably go outside for a fire pit or to eat dinner, but generally just hang out inside the A/C because, well, my allergies don't allow for us to spend much more time than that outside during the spring (or summer...or fall....). Of course, the ILs will probably either have windows open or want to spend every second outside the whole time and no matter how many times I remind them how crappy I feel (I don't sneeze, have runny eyes or nose, etc.--I just get really bad headaches and earaches and get really dizzy from all the fluid backing up in my ears).

I hope everyone has a good weekend! I'll be sure to post pictures from the u/s!!!

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Tanda32506 said...

Hope your weekend wasn't too bad, allergy-wise.

And I can't wait to see 3D/4D pics :)