Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Small Things

1) Homemade Rice Kri.spy Treats--made some last night and satisfied a craving I've been having!

2) Virgin margaritas--again, satisfying a craving. It's not quite the same, but it was still delicious!!!

3) Nesting urges--last night I got the urge to organize cupboards, so I got on the floor (DH was outside weeding) and reorganized one cupboard and a set of drawers in the kitchen (this was after making aforementioned treats, baking DH a cake, and doing some general kitchen cleaning)

4) DH's birthday! We got a good dinner this past weekend, are going out tonight for his official birthday to Montgomery Inn, may try to celebrate with others later in the week...AND we've got cake waiting for us at home!

5) Doing yoga--I love to work out, but was scared to in the 1st trimester, wasn't sure what I *could* do indoors during the 2nd trimester (it was cold then!) and now, as I'm heading toward the third trimester, I've found a prenatal yoga video that I like and want to continue to do.

6) Impromptu lunch with a friend yesterday

7) DH encouraging me to read the Bible to Baby. It's actually not really a small thing. I was really religious in high school, but haven't made the effort that I should since then. DH and I were trying to find churches and attended one service, but haven't done anything else since. Monday night he saw my Bible and suggested I read to the Baby. I used the index to find some baby-related verses. Then last night he suggested it again. I read the whole story of Noah and the flood. Now I need to find some other things to read to her!

8) Getting out of work a bit early yesterday--I did some work for my boss on Saturday morning and she told me I could go home an hour early one day because of it, so I chose yesterday. We only left about 45 minutes early and had come in about 20 minutes early already, so I didn't get my full hour, but that's okay--it was still really nice!!!

9) Finding great baby deals online--I got two name-brand carriers yesterday online for $53 shipped (one is Peanut Shell and the other is Active Mom (both of their websites are down or I would include links)). Today I found a nursing cover that is typically $32 and paid only $7 to get it, including $7.95 shipping (fancy, eh?). Of course, if I keep at this rate, we'll have nothing we need to register for...for our four (and a half, I'm guessing...probably a small one at work...and DH might even get a small one at work...) showers!

10) My last 4 week break between doctor's appointments (although I'm not sure this counts with the 3D/4D u/s in the middle!). After next appt at the beginning of June, we'll be going every 2 weeks!


Liz said...

I can't believe you're almost to going every 2 weeks! Where has your pregnancy gone?!? You'll have to update with Montgomery Inn reviews..I super puffy heart it and hope it's as good in Dublin as it is in Cincy! And, you can't go wrong with rice krispy treats and margaritas! Even if they are minus the tequila :)

crrv said...

*off to go make rice krispy treats with the girls* Thanks for the suggestion.