Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sending Prayers

I've been saying lots and lots of prayers recently for some of my friends. If you pray, would you mind including them on your prayer list?

1) Mrs. Hammer--you can read from her blog that her dad has been going through some health issues and every time it seems they're making progress, they have another setback.

2) A message board friend--she's struggled to get pregnant and a few weeks ago got some great news--they're expecting triplets! Unfortunately, they lost Baby C and appear to be on the way to losing Baby B. Please say prayers for her and her DH and their emotional well-being and for Baby A making it!!!

3) Another message board friend, Emily--her kitty, Pancake, who has been with her through a lot of the trials in her life, is very sick. Please pray for Pancake and for Em (who is also going through some stress with the health situation of a grandfather on top of Pancake--I don't know the status of that right now, so if you'll please include all of them in your prayers, it'd be much appreciated!)

4) One friend who is working very hard to become a mommy. I can't divulge all of the details here, but please keep her in your prayers--these next two weeks are going to be very trying for her!!!

5) All of my other friends who really want to become mommies. I only have an idea of the feelings of heartache that they're experiencing (most have, at this point, been TTC for longer than we had to), but I keep them in my prayers all the time. Feeling this little one bouncing around inside my belly is the best feeling I could imagine and I want all of these friends to be able to experience it for themselves very soon. They'll all be great mommies!!!


Danica said...

You are so thoughtful. Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers.

Liz said...

2 through 5 have been in mine already. Babies and pets cause so much heartache. I just wish we didn't have to worry about it :( I'll make sure I add the first one!

Emily said...

Thank you so much, Allison. You're the sweetest... My Papa is doing better and they seemed to have ironed out his heart issues with some new meds - thank goodness :)

Now I just need to focus on Pancake and making him comfortable and hopefully keeping him around as long as possible!! :(


Colleen said...

I've been thinking about a lot of the people you have! :) Great post and I'll keep everyone in mind!

Julie said...

Just dropped by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day....because you are a Mom even if that girl isn't done cooking yet! :)