Monday, July 13, 2009

I don't want to forget...

I'm quickly realizing that this is all coming to an end. I have loved every moment of being pregnant and don't want it to be over. This morning, like almost every morning, something happened that I want to remember forever. DH always gets up first in the morning, gets in the shower, then comes and wakes me up. For the past few weeks, he's been waking me up, but then rubbing my belly and telling the baby good morning. It's the sweetest thing...something I never want to forget.

For a long time, he wasn't bonding with my belly the way I wanted him to. I knew he was feeling a bit left out while I was enjoying feeling her move around in there and I really just wanted him to sit and enjoy it as well, but have found that he doesn't have the patience to just sit with his hand on my belly very often and wait for her to move. So when he does, it's a beautiful thing. I've told him multiple times how big her movements have gotten--to the point where it almost hurts--but it's like he doesn't believe me until he feels it himself. It's magical to watch his eyes get big and to hear him ask the baby what she's doing in there. He's finally bonding with my belly the way I wanted him to--he just needed to do it in his own time.

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Mandy said...

Awww, that's really sweet. I know what you mean about DH not bonding right away and getting frustrated by it. Mine was on his own schedule, too.