Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No More Room at the Inn

I'm guessing most of you mommies out there are assuming I'm talking about that uncomfortable over-stretched feeling that many pregnant women have around 36 1/2 weeks of pregnancy, but I'm here to prove you wrong. I'm actually feeling okay in that department. My concern today is about my clothing. As I've told people before, I wonder some days if I'm carrying a child in each thigh. They've swollen like they have in the past when I've gained weight, which makes sense, but that means I'm outgrowing many of my pairs of maternity pants--not because of the baby bump (which still seems fairly small for being in the last month of pregnancy), but because of the thighs.

I'm currently sitting in my desk chair, wishing I could just de-pants myself and sit around in my underwear (which currently like to hide under my belly). The thighs of my pants have gotten incredibly uncomfortable by the end of the day--so much so that the first thing I do when I walk in the door at home is to take them off.

Most other people would probably consider a skirt or dress as an alternative, but the problem with those is that my thighs then rub together. I've gotten a product called Body Glide, which helps a lot with the chafing effect caused by the rubbing, but it doesn't help with the self-consciousness that I arises when I feel them rubbing together. So I wear gauchos a LOT and end up wearing cut-off sweatpants or men's exercise shorts around the house. It's not pretty, but I've gotta do what I gotta do, you know?


Liz said...

Yoga pants. Lived in them the last month. At work, too, no less! (Old Navy @ Polaris has them..or did)

Mandy said...

Amen to that. I put these gross old men's mesh shorts on as soon as I get home, and my thighs still gobble them up (another problem altogether).

Mrs. Hammer said...

Too funny! p.s. I've got my gauchos on right now. :)