Monday, July 27, 2009

Okay, I'm ready

I haven't been ready to give birth to this baby...until now. But now I've got pain in my back, hips, lower stomach, and sudden "lightning crotch". I don't think I'm ready to sit through this for another 36 hours, especially knowing that there's not a *real* reason to go through it. If I were going through labor pains because I were going to give birth vaginally, I would have a completely different mindset. I would be excited (still anxious, of course). But no, there's not a true purpose for the labor for this baby--they could go in and cut her out without me being in pain.

We cleaned up a lot of the house last night and I really believe we're physically ready (we were technically physically ready weeks ago, but I think we've done all we could possibly do at this point). The only thing I want done before heading to the hospital is to clean off the guest bed (we have clean laundry on there) so my mom can sleep there if she wants to. That could take less than 5 minutes if we don't care where the clothes go.

I'm ready. I hope this either turns into real labor (DH has felt my stomach and hasn't felt anything like a I feel like a crazy person) or it stops for the next 36 hours.


Sarah Dee said...

lots of hugs and well wishes for you and C. I hope that you are able to get comfortable this evening and sleep.

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

EEK! I hope this is it!