Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Little in Shock

This post may end up being more rambling than I intend. I'll try to go back and clean it up, but need to get out all these thoughts and everything...

Had our 36 week appointment today. Gained only 0.1 pounds. Woot! No, I am NOT actively trying not to gain...in fact, I ate like crazy this past week. Just was hoping for one appt. where I didn't gain a ridiculous amount of weight :)

BP a little higher than it has been, but nothing to freak out about--it's actually around what mine was when I was on my allergy meds (the decongestant can increase BP). It was 128/78, I believe. No worries there.

Doctor felt the outside of my belly--baby still felt head-up, fundal length seemed fine (she didn't tell me what it was, but would have said if there had been concern). All good!

Did the internal check. One centimeter dilated and cervix is soft. Holy hell. Wow. Just stunned--was pretty sure I wouldn't have any sort of progress whatsoever. As she's rooting around in there, she apparently feels something interesting. She tells me there's a presenting body part and she isn't completely confident that it isn't the head. I didn't notice the baby flipping, but I suppose it was possible... So she gets the portable ultrasound machine, sticks the wand on my belly up at the top and, sure enough, there is baby's head. So apparently she has a fairly hard butt and it's getting settled into my pelvis some. *sigh*

We then talked about all the possibilities and got more information about the version.

Possibility #1: Version works. Baby turns. Then we just wait to go into labor.
Possibility #2: Version does or doesn't work but we have some sort of complication while there. We then go in for an emergency C-section and have a baby on July 15th.
Possibility #3: Version doesn't work. Baby still breech. The C-section will take place sometime the beginning of the week of July 27th.

Although there are only three possible scenarios, my head is spinning with each one of them. They are just so very different.

As far as the external version goes, we'll report around 8ish (they said we didn't need to show up early, but the doctor said we might want to...). I won't have eaten anything after midnight in case we do need an emergency C-section. They will give me an IV with the ter.butaline to relax my uterus and put a monitor on the baby and check her position with an ultrasound to determine the best way to try to turn her. Then the doctor and an assistant will try to turn her. She said the procedure itself wouldn't last that long--if she's going to turn, she'll turn within 10 or 15 minutes. If she turns, great. From what I've read, I should go take a walk to get her settled down into my pelvis. If not, we'll schedule the C-section right there.

Needless to say, I'm scared. Not about my health or the health of the baby...I know everyone will do everything they can to preserve both of us. It's not like a breech baby is a death sentence these days. I'm just scared of the uncertainty that lies before us. If she were head-down, there would be uncertainty, but mostly centered around when she'll make her grand arrival.

So please continue to keep us (baby, DH, and me) in your prayers--we'd really appreciate it.


Mrs. Hammer said...

man I was hoping that the doctor was going to say, 'surprise she flipped.' You will certainly be in my prayers!!

Andrea said...

((HUGS)) While I know from experience a c-section isn't the end of the world. I also know it isn't what you wanted.

Hang in there, it'll all be worth it at the end!

Manday said...

I will keep you in my thoughts!!

Mandy said...

Wow, good job on the weight gain! And I can't believe you're dilated a bit too! Can you share that idea with my body, please?

I too was hoping she had surprised you and turned. I'll keep saying prayers for all of you!

Danica said...

Keeping you in my thoughts!!!!

Sarah Dee said...

I wish I had more, but all I have are thoughts and hugs for you and C. both.

I thought for sure the way the story was reading P. had flipped!