Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eleven Months Old!

This is the last monthly update that I'll be able to write before Baby Girl is ONE YEAR OLD.  Excuse me while I go puke.

Baby Girl, this past month you've made a lot of progress (much to Mommy's dismay at times) at becoming a Little Girl, rather than a baby.  You've stopped fearing that Mommy would make you go to sleep if she put you on her shoulder and started giving the sweetest, longest hugs and cuddles.  You wrap your little arm around Mommy's neck for a minute or so (which is NEVER long enough for Mommy) and I could just melt.

You've become so VERY vocal.  You love to tell us stories and it amazes us how many consonant and vowel combinations you use!  We can't wait until we know what's coming out of that sweet little mouth (unless you're cussing us out...which is possible sometimes!).

You also took your very first steps!  You continue to take a few steps at a time, but just don't have the confidence to let go and take more.  You can do it, Baby Girl!  You have the balance and the strength--just do it!  You love to drive around your push toy (a pink car) and also the push toy at the sitter's (a Pooh with wheels), but haven't figured out the steering just yet.  You'll get there soon, but won't need to once you start walking!

This month you've tried lots of different foods.  Your standard dinners are still the same--vegetable (typically peas because you can feed them to yourself) and a fruit (applesauce, pears, or peaches, typically)--but you're trying lots of Mommy and Daddy's food.  You've had little bites of chicken, ground beef, chicken pot pie, salsa, hummus, and you love black beans!  I just hope you'll always be this adventurous with your food. Your favorite remains Cheerios, though.  Your little body just shudders with excitement when you see the little bowl of them!

You're still our happy little lady.  You smile from the top of your head all the way down to your toes when you're happy.  We love that we can tell you're smiling even if you're looking in the opposite direction.  You're quick with a smile, even if you've just taken a bit of a tumble (which is happening more and more as you become more adventurous).

You've also become quite the little climber.  You love to climb into kiddie chairs and stand in them and like to try to climb on top of tubs and under tables.  We know you're just exploring, but it makes Mommy and Daddy really nervous!

As of your doctor's appointment last week (your follow-up from your ear infection--your first one!), you were 19 lbs 8 oz (with clothes and diaper on) and 27 1/4 inches tall.  You haven't grown even a quarter of an inch since your 9 month appointment, but Daddy and I are expecting a good amount of growth before your one year (!) appointment next month since you were eating like crazy over the last 4 days, then slept really well last night. 

You've got three teeth, with number four just wanting to come through and join the party.  Your bottom front two are pretty much all the way in and your top left is about halfway in (or less).  That upper right tooth has dropped down about as far as the upper left, but the gum is still covering it and is bright white.  It doesn't look comfortable, but like so many other things, your spirits have remained high and you're taking it all in stride.  We haven't noticed you being in pain, even though you're chewing like crazy on everything (including Mommy...ouch!).

This month you've learned so much!  You were hanging out with your Grandma and Grandpa B. and danced with them and also did the Itsy Bitsy Spider with Grandma.  You amaze us with how quickly you learn things!  We can see your mind moving quickly, trying to grasp ideas.  You can now find objects that we hide behind us or inside a tub and are figuring out how to turn things on and open and close things.  You climb into cupboards just to see what's inside and cruise around the dining room table, just to see all sides of it or to play peek-a-boo (your FAVORITE game!).  I have loved watching you learn this month (and every month!).

Even though we still aren't sleeping real well (still waking at least once a night), we are loving spending time with you, Baby Girl.  You're fun, funny, happy, curious, explorative, adventurous, and just plain busy!  I can't wait to see what the next month brings.  It's always something new and exciting with you!


Cassie said...

Oh, she's at such a fun age! I can't believe she'll be a year old in a month...My goodness! I'm so glad she's sleeping better for you these days :)

Colleen said...

I can't believe that she's already 11 months!!! YIKES! Sounds like she's perfect though...