Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Healthy Food Ideas

Now that I'm back on the healthy eating wagon, I've been re-engineering the things that I eat.  I wanted to post two good finds that I came across.

Last night I was at Giant Eagle and found Thomas Bagel Thins.  The Hubby and I had them this morning and I found them really satisfying.  I had a small amount of cream cheese on it and it was a great 2 point breakfast!  There are 8 in the package and I think they were only like $3. 

For dinner last night I planned a vegetarian quesadilla.  The Hubby and I?  We're carnivores.  So something vegetarian doesn't typically go over real well for either of us and we end up needing to go get a McDonald's cheeseburger or something.  But I saw the idea on a blog and thought I'd give it a shot.  I had some leftover grilled veggies from the other night that I thought I could use.  I sauteed a BUNCH of mushrooms and some onion and wilted some spinach, then threw in the grilled veggies to heat them through.  Using these (I think--they were definitely the SoftWraps, which I would change next time), I put one tortilla loaded it with between 1/4 and 1/2 cup 2% cheddar cheese and a pile of veggies, then folded over the tortilla and used my quesadilla maker (hello wedding registry!) to make a tasty quesadilla.  I topped it with fat-free sour cream and some salsa and ate it with about 1/2 c. fat free refried beans.  What an incredibly tasty dinner for just 6 points!  Both The Hubby and I were completely full (of course, he had a two tortilla quesadilla, but whatever...) after this, giving us both a little more faith in vegetarian meals again.  We might try this again soon!

What are your favorite sneakily healthy foods?  Things that don't feel healthy to you, but are? 


Manday said...

I am on the weight loss train at the moment - though not weight watchers. What I really am looking for is easy low-carbohydrate snacks to keep around the house. I have found cutting calories surprisingly easy - power bar for breakfast, V8 for morning snack, lean pocket for lunch, maybe an afternoon snack or latte,this leave me LOADS of points for dinner and evening snacking, even if I go out or something.

Allison said...

Manday, what about veggies? I used to eat a ton when I was doing WW before. Or yogurt? I tried low carb and had a horrible time of it. I love fruit too much! I eat an apple every day and sometimes a banana or orange as well. Maybe some I have some blueberries, too!

I couldn't make it on a Lean Pocket for lunch alone. I just had a hunk of pork chop and some Pringles and still need something else...

Sarah Dee said...

Frozen fruit is my favorite cheat. Yummy.

Amy said...

My list could be endless:
Kroger brand light yogurt (1 pt)
Hostess 100 calorie pack chocolate frosted cupcakes (you get 3 mini cupcakes for 1 pt!)
Thomas 100 cal or High Fiber English Muffins (1 pt)
PB2 (a peanut butter that comes in powder form and you just add water - 1 pt)
Kroger brand sugar-free strawberry preserves (2 Tbsp = 0 pts)
NEW Skinny Cow single-serve ice cream cups (trying them tonight! 2 pt)

Sooo many more! If you need recipes or help, let me know :) I highly recommend checking out the Fit & Active brand at Aldi's. They have a TON of good stuff.