Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm not one to make resolutions because I definitely don't ever remember keeping one.  So we'll call these....goals.

1) To cut out (or at least down) cursing in the car.  Now that Baby Girl is with us in the car almost every day, I need to watch the road rage.  It isn't healthy, either, but now I have another reason for chilling out.

2) To take at least one picture every day.  I have Cassie to thank for this one--I think it's a great idea.  I started on January 2nd and have taken pictures every single day.  And so far each day I've taken pictures of Baby Girl, of course.  It's an easy subject and I can't take too many landscape photos since I'm not at home when it's light outside :)  I'm hoping this will both capture moments as well as help me learn my camera.  My favorite unedited photo so far:

Beautiful, isn't she?  :)

3) I'm going to start doing something for me more often.  I have a hard time saying every day, but I'd like to do something for myself every day, even if it's as little as taking a 5 minute walk around the building at work.  Tonight I plan to do some working out after Baby Girl is in bed and then I want to paint my toenails--something I've done maybe once or twice since she was born.  I have a really hard time putting myself first, but I think I should make a point to *try*.


Cassie said...

Oh yes, she is definitely beautiful! :)

I think your goals for the year sound perfectly reasonable. I love that you're going to try to carve out more time for yourself -- you totally deserve it!

Danica said...

Ah she's sweet!! Look at that smile!

Andrea said...

She is adorable!