Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan: 1/23-1/29

In our effort to get organized again (more on that later), I'm going to start posting our weekly meal plans again.  We've been meal planning the whole time, but I think this will keep me accountable and love to share recipes with all of you! 

We figured out the meals Saturday night and Baby Girl and I went to the grocery Sunday morning.  We spent an ungodly amount for us ($95), but that included a lot of stocking up--pear juice for Baby Girl, WW ice cream (usually over $5 apiece, but on sale for around $3), paper towels (this was the first time I've actually paid for paper towels in years...and they were still on clearance), large bag of rice, large bag of string cheese (should last about 3 weeks--Baby Girl gets one daily in her lunch), and a few other things.  So this coming week's shopping trip should be a bit less expensive--I hope so, anyway!

Sunday, January 23rd: Taco Joes (delicious!), lime rice, and peas
Monday, January 24th: Ribs (bought on manager's special a few weeks ago), mashed potatoes (not a thrifty purchase, but I love Ore Ida's Steam & Mash), corn, and cornbread
Tuesday, January 25th: Chicken & Stove Top (my mom has been making this for forever) with mashed cauliflower
Wednesday, January 26th: Pork Chops & Rice (pork chops were also bought on manager's special)
Thursday, January 27th: Pasta & Bean Skillet
Friday, January 28th: Chicken Parmesan
Saturday, January 29th: Planning on eating out if we don't eat out during the week sometime--it's Baby Girl's 1 1/2 birthday!

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Cassie said...

I love those Ore Ida steam 'n mash potatoes, too. They are a revelation, and something I'll pay a little bit of a premium for. I HATE peeling potatoes.

I'm glad you liked the taco joes and I hope you love the mashed cauliflower. I actually made that last week and pureed it in the blender, and OMG the texture was AMAZING. If you like a smoother texture, I definitely recommend pureeing it. But really, for me, you just can't go wrong with cauliflower prepared in any way. I love it!

I'm glad you're sharing your meal plans again. I always love seeing what other people have for dinner! :)