Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pep-poo and other cute things

(This post was started a week and a half ago....and instead of adding to it, I'll post it now and be writing an 18 month update in a week and a half!)

The last two months have brought about a lot of changes for Baby Girl--most of them verbally!

Physically, she's got 7 teeth now (#5 showed up the Saturday after Thanksgiving, #6 that next Tuesday, and #7 that next Friday--3 new teeth in a week and no fussing involved).  We think #8 is coming soon based on a low-grade fever and some major chewing this morning (edited to add: #8 showed up 1/10). 

She's jumping.  It's mostly with each foot off the ground separately, but it's a-dor-able to watch her trying.

She LOVES pretzels.  Serious love.  Those and Goldfish.  We made the mistake of giving her some pretzels in the car one day and now she asks for them every time we get in the car.  But she says them "pep-poo" and it's so we typically give in.  Not like she's asking for a Snickers. ;)

She's gone through some pickier phases with eating, but seems to be back to eating like a tank after our unfortunate illness.  We send her to daycare with the following: her lunch (leftovers from the night before), pretzels (probably about 25 of the little sticks), full can of mandarin oranges, small box of raisins, and something else.  She eats it all after eating over 1/2 cup of baby barley and sometimes part of a banana.  And then she acts like she's starving, so we give her some pretzels when we get home and then she eats all of her dinner.  And she still nurses in the morning and before bed.  That girl can put it away!

Baby Girl LOVES animals.  The new sitter has a bird, a cat, and a HUMONGOUS dog.  She asks for the kitty all evening and wants to pet it as soon as we get there in the morning.  She asks to see the dog (usually says "woof woof", although yesterday finally said something like "dog") when we're leaving--but she's scared of him when we get close (his head seriously comes up to my boobs and I'm 5'7", so I don't blame her).  We also have to pet the kitty (which she calls a kitty).  She doesn't call many animals by name, but rather identifies them by their sound (you should hear her make the elephant cute!).

She's also starting to string together words--at the sitter's she said "more color" to indicate that she wanted to color more or that she wanted a new color of crayon. 

Speaking of's ALL she wants to do.  That, play with block, and read books.  But it always comes back to "color?  COLOR?"  It's cute....but gets annoying.  Because you know she can't do it on her own.  Oh no...she must have "mom-mom" (her name for me) or daddy color with her.  And we oblige...because we miss her so much during the day.  But we're running out of things to color on plain paper (because Grandpa makes paper, we get free reams all the time).  We typically do footballs, trees, flowers, and try our best at some animals.  She does circles, squiggles, and lines.  Curvy ones.  :)

Baby Girl also has reasoning skills that really impress me.  We'll be in the car and she'll say "Emma?" (one of the kids at daycare) and before we can respond, she says "home".  Yep, honey, Emma went home.  And the first day at the sitter's, K, the sitter, told her that Mommy and Daddy went to work.  So whenever someone else would be dropped off, Baby Girl would say "work".  Then when the first kids were picked up, she'd say "home".

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Cassie said...

Andrew used to call pretzels "pee-pahs." He said the word with such reverence, too, like they were the best things he'd ever had in his life.

Love this post about Baby Girl. She sounds like such a delight!