Thursday, January 20, 2011

Her Favorite

Baby Girl has been going to the new sitter for two and a half weeks now and I think it's time I tell you all about it.

In a word?  Fabulous.

And the best part (you know, for MY ego) is that the sitter confided that Baby Girl is her favorite.  She's the one she brags about to her friends and who she enjoys seeing each day.  She says she's the happiest kid she's ever met.  She's always telling us how impressed she is by her talking and everything she does at her age. 

And the best part of Baby Girl is that she loves it there.  She's happy when we pick her up, but doesn't fuss anymore when we leave.  She waves as we go and plays with her friends.  There are 6 kiddos there total but all 6 are there only on Wednesdays.  Baby Girl is in the middle as far as age and I think that helps her--she loves doting on the babies and I think she learns from the big kids.  She's eating well, doing art, learning,'s a great situation so far.

We have one small reservation--each of the last 4 days we've picked up the sitter has been on the phone and it's seemed like a personal conversation.  It strikes us as odd and a little bothersome.  We aren't sure how long we'll let it go on before we say something.  Her stated hours of operation are 7:30-5:30 and we all pick up by 5:00, so she's technically getting off early.  She's got some free time during naptime, too, to make business (or personal) calls.  But if that's our only gripe...we're doing really well :)

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Cassie said...

I am SO HAPPY to read this! I know you had a pretty negative experience with your last sitter, and I'm so glad you've found someone who both you and Baby Girl really like!