Monday, January 24, 2011

Wake me up when this winter ends

At least one person in our house has been sick since December 21st, when The Plague hit The Hubby.

Actually, I take that back.  Baby Girl had had a cough since the day before.  So make that December 20th.

So The Hubby had The Plague late 12/21 until 12/23ish (he was still feeling rough on Christmas Eve).  I felt really nauseous, but still don't know if it was from the anxiety of the situation or if I had a mild version of it. 

Baby Girl started puking Christmas morning (total of 3 times....completely freaked out both her and me).  This is why I haven't blogged about Christmas much.  The good news?  Most of the people at Christmas (we were at the in-laws') had already had The Plague.  Another piece of good news?  She was done puking by 8:30 a.m. and then acted like her normal self.  We thought maybe she was vomiting due to the phlegm in her stomach and not The Plague.

Puke session #2 for Baby Girl: morning of 12/26.  Oh's The Plague.  We go to my parents' house anyway because that's what they want.  She then pukes the morning of 12/27 as well.  She throws up once, sleeps for a bit, then wakes up and is normal for the rest of the day.  We avoided everyone but my parents for fear of passing it along. 

Morning of 12/ puke from Baby Girl.  My mom, however, is another story.  Ugh.  We leave town and come home (my dad got sick the next morning).  At this point I'm coughing and have been doing so since just before Christmas.  When we get home from traveling, we get one last vomit from Baby Girl.  We've then left The Plague behind us.

The Cold, however?  Not so much.

Baby Girl starts coughing.  I'm coughing.  The Hubby is sort of coughing.  We take Baby Girl to the doctor and she's given azithromycin, hoping to knock this cold out.  I get progressively worse, but tell myself it's just a cold and will go away.  In the meantime, I lose my voice for about 3 days.  That part sucked.  Happy New Year.

By mid-week the first week of January, I go to the doctor.  I braved a snowstorm, but I went and was rewarded with a Z-Pack.  Got it in my system and I was feeling markedly better by the 10th or so.  Still had a lingering cough, but it wasn't horrible.

Baby Girl, however, gets worse again (although you would never know it...she has acted sick probably twice in her life, not counting when she was vomiting).  She makes a return trip to the doctor on Monday the 10th.  She gets a prescription for Omnicef and diagnosed with her fifth ear infection in seven months.  This means we'll be talking about ear tubes with our regular pediatrician at her 18-month checkup.  She takes the antibiotic like a champ (she's only hated amoxicillin so far) but is tugging at her ears a bit toward the end of the ten days of antibiotic, something she's actually never done with any of her ear infections.  We wait it out.

She's done with the antibiotic on 1/19.  Still tugging on the ears, but letting her go--this is also one of her tired signs.

We actually all seem fairly healthy for once.  Woohoo!  Maybe we've kicked it!

Oh no.  Of course not.  This is when God just laughs in my face.  The Hubby and I both start feeling scratchy on Saturday (1/21).  I wake up Sunday with definite sinus pain and a sore throat.  This morning I woke up feeling like I had two softballs in the back of my throat.  I would think it was my tonsils except I haven't had any for 25 years.  The softballs are gone at this point, but I'm still scratchy and experiencing some sinus pain. 

If you are keeping track, this makes over a month now that at least one of us has been sick.  And you know that if I get fully sick everyone else will, too.  I can keep from kissing my husband for a few days on the mouth, but my baby girl?  Oh hell no.  She offers up the sweetest kisses and even makes the smacking sound.  I'll do my best to resist, but it'll be tough!


Cassie said...

Oh my gosh. I knew you all had been sick for a while, but seeing it broken down like this is truly horrifying. I'm so sorry! I think this has been a bad winter for everyone, sickness-wise. I'm still dealing with the after-effect from the bronchitis I had LAST FALL, Andrew is a constant snot-fest and Will...well, he always has SOMETHING. COME ON, spring!

Sarah Dee said...

Oh goodness! Things have to start to turn around for your house soon.