Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back in the saddle....or something like that

Watch this video and sing along with my words below:

Back on the potty again
Trying real hard to go
Where I sit and I can read
Waiting for the need to pee
I'm back on the potty again

Sitting here once more
Maybe for a minute, maybe four
Where I spend a lot of time
Gonna make this potty mine
I'm back on the potty again

Rockin' to and fro
Back on the potty again
I go--say "Yay!"
Back on the potty again

It's true--we're back to hanging out on the potty.  We're not pushing at all, but she's just started being interested again.  The best part is that her first two tries with this renewed interest, she peed in the potty!  She hasn't again, but she's actually giving it a good try, which is all we can ask for right now. 

We're giving her stickers for trying (when we remember....) and giving her change for her piggy bank when she actually goes.  We aren't holding out much hope that this will be it, but the fact that she's interested is really encouraging!

Oh, and this is now Baby Girl's favorite video (the whole thing is much longer, but this is our favorite part of it):


Cassie said...

I can't view the videos while I'm at work, so I'll have to come back and look at them later. But I just had to say -- I'm so incredibly jealous! Andrew sits on the potty, but he WILL NOT GO. I just wish I could skip this whole potty-training thing -- and just think, in a year or so I'll have to do it AGAIN!

Mandy said...

Woohoo! Go big girl!

tbonegrl said...

Doesn't potty time with Elmo scare you? Elmo's dad looks like a pimp in it to me!



ps--Go E!

xx // b r a n d i s said...

haha! i giggled because we are kinda at the same place with Amilya Rae. she has it backwards. pee or poo THEN sit on her potty. lol. but its a step in the right direction for them, right? :)