Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday

I think I mentioned this in another update, but it's worth re-sharing. 

Baby Girl has really taken to singing Happy Birthday.  I think one of the other kids at daycare sang it, so she started.  When she'd started, she didn't say anybody's name, though.  She'd just sing "Happy Birthday..." over and over...and over.

Her cousin's birthday was April 4th, so we sang it (A LOT) with her cousin's name in the song.  And then her twin cousins' birthday was April 9th and one of the kids at the sitter had a birthday on April 15th.  So she started singing TO people.  It still wasn't the actual song, just "Happy Birthday, Daddy..." over and over.

She's now sung to her cousins, every kid at ther sitter, the sitter herself, the animals at the sitter's house, Minnie, books, herself, Daddy, Grandma, Papaw, baby, Cheerios, Fishies....you get the idea. 

Well, this morning she sang to an unlikely recipient. 

She was sitting at the table eating her breakfast and started singing "Happy Birthday....cough"  Yep, she sang Happy Birthday to her *cough*.  Let's hope the cough doesn't hang around long enough to celebrate its birthday.


xxo // b r a n d i s said...

that's so cute! <3

Cassie said...

LOL, that is so cute! And yes, let's hope that cough doesn't see a single birthday!