Monday, April 18, 2011

Meal Plan 4/17-4/23

We were out of town this past weekend and will actually be out of town again this coming weekend, so I only needed to plan for five meals.  One meal is reusing some shredded BBQ pork from last week and one other is a repeat from last week that didn't get made (we'd planned on cooking at home on Saturday, but were visiting my parents instead).  So, meal planning was easy this week...but I still somehow spent $80 at the grocery.  Stay tuned as I explore how this happened and hopefully you can learn something from me.

Sunday: Chinese with my parents
Mondays: Crockpot stew beef & cream of mushroom soup served over rice with some steamed veggies--one of my favorite childhood meals
Tuesday: Southwest Pasta Skillet
Wednesday: BBQ pork with rice & steamed veggies
Thursday: Pork Chops Over Rice
Friday: Some sort of veggie & chicken be determined.  I'd planned on using Flat Out, which was supposed to be on sale at my grocery store...but couldn't find any.  So I instead bought some high fiber tortillas that were BOGO and may do something with it (or I might do something completely different).  Let's face it, I'm really bad at winging it in the grocery store, which is why I go with a list!

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