Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6 Weeks Old

Although he does seriously change every single day, it is really hard to define exactly how. My little man is smiling and chuckling and flirting with everyone. I think he's the cutest little boy in the world, but I may be a little biased :)

Right at 6 weeks, Baby Boy's acne really started to clear up. It had gotten so bad that his cheeks were bumpy and he even had acne on his scalp. I still thought he was beautiful, of course.

Our daily routine looks approximately like this...sometimes (as he wakes up in the middle of what should be his long nap...):

8 a.m.: Up for the day (I wake with Baby Boy next to me in bed), eat, then play
9 a.m.: Down for nap
10 a.m.: Eat, then playtime
11 a.m.: Down for nap
Noon: Eat, then play
1 p.m.: Down for nap
4 p.m.: Eat, then play
5 p.m.: Start trying to get him down for nap
5:20 p.m.: Baby Girl and The Hubby get home and thwart napping efforts
6:00 p.m.: Rarely a quick nap
7:30 p.m.: nurse and try to get baby to go to sleep
8:00 p.m.: If no nap around 6, baby falls asleep. If nap, then awake time until 9:00
Sleeps approximately 3 hours, then wakes to eat and goes back to sleep. We try to go to bed around the beginning of this sleep period.
Overnight: Wakes every 2-3 hours, eats, then sleeps. Around 5 a.m. I feed him in side-lying position and everyone falls asleep until morning.

One thing to note about sleeping is that we aren't fighting to get him to fall asleep as much. I think the reasons are: 1) we're learning his preferences 2) we aren't letting him get overtired, except in the evenings when it is happening naturally and 3) he is getting older and maybe doesn't need as much walking and everything.

Currently 80-90% of naps are happening on my chest. Should that change? Of course. I also now will only be home full time with him for 3 more weeks and love that snuggle time. So it is a work in progress. He sleeps in his Rock n Play from 8/9 p.m. until 5 a.m., at which time we do some co-sleeping, which makes me slightly uncomfortable, but is working well for our family for now. I imagine when I go back to work everything will change.

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Cassie said...

Sweet baby boy. <3.

It sounds like you guys have a great routine, and that things are going well. That sucks that you only have 3 more weeks off. How time flies. Enjoy your cuddles with that little boy while you can get them! Soon enough, they'll be fleeting...as I know from experience!