Wednesday, June 20, 2012

7 Weeks

My big man just keeps growing and growing! We had him out a few times this weekend and whenever anyone asked how old he is they were surprised and thought he was older. People also tell us how adorable he is. I think so, of course, but it is great to hear from other people!

This week Baby Boy got his first cold. I think he got it from me, but we've all been a bit snotty recently. So far (yes, it's still going on) he is only stuffy overnight, so that's good. I've been getting the bathroom steamy before taking my shower and I think it is helping both of us.

I also noticed this week that we've reached the point where he will stand up on my nursing pillow while I try to put him to sleep or burp him. I don't think Baby Girl was doing that until much later.

Baby Boy seems to be sensitive to temperature, which makes me wonder if that's why he isn't sleeping for longer than 3 hours at a time. He sweats when we sit in the sun too long and gets cranky if we stay out too long. He also sweats when he gets angry, which compounds the problem!

Overall, he is a very happy little man who will give a smile to everyone he meets. The only times he gets cranky are when he's tired, when he's awake and expecting to eat, or when he's gassy, which is really rare these days. He babbles like crazy when he's awake and happy--I love hearing everything he has to say!

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Mandy said...

Big boy! He's so impatient to go scooting after his sister!

L was (is?) also very sensitive to temps. I didn't even realize a baby could sweat until I realized he was overheating one day. I've been more mindful of it since because he was clearly pretty unhappy about it.