Wednesday, June 27, 2012

8 weeks

Here we are...eight weeks (and two days). My big boy is almost two months old. We go for his two month checkup (and shots) on Friday, so we'll have official size stats then.

In the last week...

...we started putting Baby Boy in size 2 diapers overnight. I would switch him during the day, too, if I didn't still have a decent stash of size 1s. Never would've thought I'd have a baby this big when Baby Girl was average-to-small!

...I've noticed Baby Boy tracking objects and really focusing on things. He's always been interested in things around him, but I can tell he's seeing further and following objects and people with his eyes. It is fun to see.

...his sleeping has been better...then worse. Over the weekend Baby Boy slept well. He had a 5.5 hour stretch of sleep Saturday night. Sunday night he slept for 3.5 hours, then when The Hubby got him up, fell asleep on the bed while I was getting my nursing pillow on. I made The Hubby put him back in his bed and we all slept for another 1.5 hours! And then Monday happened. Monday he was awake, screaming, and not consoled by anything but nursing all afternoon. Then he went back to waking every 2-2.5 hours overnight. He repeated this yesterday. I'm blaming a developmental growth spurt (Google The Wonder Weeks--totally fascinating to me!). Today he has actually been better, so I'm hoping that is the explanation. Even if it isn't, it makes me feel less like it might somehow be my own fault.

...we visited the Urology department at a branch of our local children's hospital. At his one month appointment, our pediatrician discovered some penile adhesions (he is probably going to kill me when he's older for blogging about this...). He wasn't able to get one bug area and wanted a urologist to look at it instead, so we were referred. The most exciting part of the appointment was having Baby Boy weighed (with clothes) at 13 pounds. It went downhill from there. The nurse practitioner said that he would need to be seen by the urologist at the main campus of the hospital. She also wanted an ultrasound done because of his hydrocele (which our very very cautious pediatrician said could wait until he's closer to a year old). They scheduled the appointment for us...for August 22nd. Great. What a waste of our time. Our pediatrician actually contacted us personally to see if we were as annoyed as he was. We were. We'll be discussing everything with him on Friday at Baby Boy's two month checkup.

Besides the crankiness of the last two days, Baby Boy continues to be a really laid back, happy kid. He slept through The Hubby and me having a snack at Panera after the urology appointment. He actually slept in his carrier long enough for me to eat lunch with a friend today. He regularly lays on his play mat and has conversations with his rooster and elephant while I get things done or just (gasp!) take some time to myself where I don't have a baby sleeping on me (which is still his favorite place to sleep and where he gets his longest stretches of sleep). He also loves his bouncy seat and will sit in it and kick hard enough that we have to buckle him in while I shower. I don't mnow if he's more laid back or I am, but many things really are easier with him than they were with Baby Girl. I'd guess it is a combination.

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Cassie said...

I was that friend you had lunch with! Squeeeee! :)

He really is the sweetest little guy. Just adorable!