Sunday, June 24, 2012

Domestic Goddess

Does anyone else out there feel like all they do is clean and care for their house? Boy, between two kids (especially including one who is breast feeding) and the house, I don't get time to relax!

Whenever I start to think about resting, I remember a load of laundry, the kitchen that needs to be cleaned, a bathroom that needs cleaned, or kids clothes to be organized. Once the everyday stuff is done, I get started on a LONG list of things we want to do before we put the house on the market. I've cleaned off the top of the fridge, the top of the kitchen cabinets, and started working on doing some purging to make the house less cluttered. I rearranged the kitchen cabinets to make room for stuff for Baby Boy since we'll start using bottles very soon. I'm also hoping to get together boxes of things to sell, either in a virtual garage sale that I'm a part of with girls from a message board I belong to or on EBay. I also found out that some of my old textbooks that are at least 10 years old are still worth some money. Three of my Engineering textbooks could make me around $200 in Amazon credits if I sell them to Amazon--woohoo!

Anyway, this is just a post to whine about how much the housework piles up and is never ending. If I'm not nursing the baby, I'm cleaning or organizing something. I'm exhausted and have no idea when or how this stuff is going to get done when I go back to work. The Hubby will help more, but since we have to tag team the kids when they're both awake, it'll be hard to be anything done before bedtime.

Anyone else feel like they're constantly treading water when it comes to housework?


Sarah Dee said...

All the flipping time!

Cassie said...

YES, I feel the exact same way. Especially with the bathroom. The bathroom is the bane of my existence.

Mandy said...

Yes, but you are really working overtime having a nursing baby who isn't even two months old yet. I swear I didn't even think about housework until each kid was like 5 months old, or at least STTN. Give yourself a bit of a break!

The Stoycheffs said...

YES. There is NO TIME anymore. The last two days have been me feeding a kid, changing one or going potty with one, napping one of them, loading/unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry, picking up after all three males in the house, pumping, showering, running (once), eating my own meal, making food for everyone else.... It goes on and on. And then you ask me if my house is clean?? I vacuumed last week on Tuesday for the first time in...I can't remember. Now that Eli is floor bound, it's going to have to happen sometime, and I don't know when. You are NOT alone. (I will say sometimes when both of us are home this relaxes, but most of these jobs are still mine)