Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Plan for Health

Sunday, February 27th, The Hubby and I started began our plan when we made our meal plans for the week.  We decided it was time to do something about the extra weight we are both carrying around (I first mentioned this plan here).

Essentially, the plan is to do the Couch to 5K program three nights a week, weather permitting (since we have to take Baby Girl with us if we want to do it together (except this past Sunday--my parents were in town and watched her while we went out)). We're looking at the weather forecast on Sunday to determine which nights we think we'll jog and planning on slow cooker meals for those nights (since I barely had enough time to cook dinner after we got home before Baby Girl went to bed). Then all other nights we're planning to do The 30 Day Shred

The Shred has three parts to it and is intended to be done every single day for 30 days (aha....thus the "30 DAY Shred"....).  Each part should be done for ten days straight.  We're trying to decide if we'll do each part ten times, switch after a couple of weeks, or just play it by ear.  Right now Part 1 is free On Demand through our cable provider (thanks to Sara for pointing this out!) and you can download each part for $1.99 on Amazon Video

This is what this has looked like so far:
  • 2/27: The Shred, Part 1 (after Baby Girl was in bed)
  • 2/28: The Shred, Part 1
  • 3/1: Jogging with Baby Girl in a jogging stroller (Couch to 5K, Week 1 Day 1)
  • 3/2: The Shred, Part 1
  • 3/3: The Shred, Part 1
  • 3/4: Jogging (Couch to 5K, Week 1 Day 2)
  • 3/5: Rest (mostly because we were exhausted from being at our niece's 4th birthday party for four hours)
  • 3/6: Jogging (Couch to 5K, Week 1 Day 3)
  • 3/7: The Shred, Part 1
Tonight we're picking Baby Girl up from the sitter and have brought our workout clothes and the stroller to go jog on a path that runs around some baseball diamonds close to both work at the sitter's house.  It's different than jogging through the neighborhood.  And we brought reinforcements in the form of pretzels (the other times it's been Cheerios).

I'm not changing how I eat, as I really do eat pretty reasonably.  I feel like I should, but am afraid of cutting my precious milk supply and also am afraid it will cause any progress to stall out.  Unfortunately, though, I've gained five pounds in the week that we've been working out.  It's disappointing, but I'm going to chalk it up to natural variations--water, time of day, scale weirdness, etc.  I'm planning to keep this up for a month before I get discouraged by my lack of weight loss and reevaluate this plan.

I'm also drinking more water.  I've always drank at least 64 ounces of water per weekday (the weekends are another story), but am trying to get closer to 100 ounces now, which is where I was when we were losing weight before.

I can't express how helpful it is to have my husband on board with me--I don't know that I could (would?) do this without him.  We spend all of our time together, so if he wanted to lay around the house while I worked out...well, it just wouldn't happen.  The only time I've worked out without him was when he was working evenings--I was great about going to the gym while he worked.

Here we go!


Mandy said...

Good for you guys! It makes such a difference when you have a partner in working out and eating better.

DH has accused me of trying to sabotage him because he's doing P90X right now and I keep making baked goods. And, well, maybe I am. He's supposed to gain pregnancy weight with me, dammit. And then we can work out together after the baby's here.

Cassie said...

It sounds like a great plan, Allision! I can't wait to see how it works out for you.

I really need to get motivated to do something like this. It was great when my best friend and I lived in apartments in the same complex (before we had kids), and we worked out together all the time. These days things are a bit more complicated.

Allison said...

lol Mandy--you're SO right! He's supposed to gain with you so you can lose together once baby has arrived!

Cassie--yes, it is SO much more complicated now, and even moreso with 2! We have to find good weather to be able to get outside because we can't take the kid out in the rain or snow. And we have to hurry around to get going before she's screaming hungry (she sort of hates strollers anyway--we bribe her with Cheerios).

Danica said...

Good luck!

crockpottuesdays said...

Good luck with your new workout plan! I've only done part one of the 30 Day Shred a couple times, but it seems to be a great workout.

That's so cool that you're doing Komen Race for the Cure, too! Maybe I'll see you there!

SaraBelle said...

I've been trying to do the same plan. Well, the Cto5K thing has been on the backburner, but I've picked up the shred again and am on Level 1, day 7 today. My goal is to keep it up for a month, too, before I get discouraged. Good luck!